Importance Of Honesty In Friendship

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Why Honesty Is Important In Friendship

Honesty and sincerity are the foundation of every good thing, especially when it comes to relationships which could go a long way, although, True and real friends are hard to find these days.

They are always there at the corner as long as you have an honest and sincere heart towards each other, and I believe honesty in a relationship is a possibility as long as there is an established trust.

There are many factors that make up a good friend and the most important of them all is being able to open up to each other and not keeping secrets from each other.

ramYour best friends are always there by you, no matter what your situation is and they will support you and make sure you archive your goals in life because you have become part of them and they are part of you but transparency and honesty are the keys.

secrets and lies can destroy what both of you have built especially if you have been friends for a long time. You don’t want your friend to feel betrayed especially by you and I am sure you don’t want to feel betrayed by a friend either.

Secrets and lies are always not the best in whatever situation you may find yourself in, even if you think it’s better than not telling the truth or being honest with that friend. Truth always comes out at the end and your friend could feel betrayed.

Honesty is the source and pillar of a good friendship.

For us to Build and keep up with honesty, we need to make a conscious effort, to tell the truth, be able to communicate freely and do your best to keep to your word. Reliability to each other at all times will go a long way,

Confrontation could be helpful sometimes which will clarify some issues that you probably do not understand. In order to have an honest and trusted relationship, It is always a good idea to learn how to open up with each other. Telling lies to a friend might end up devaluing the relationship you have built with that person if found out.


From my little understanding, honesty simply means you have to agree to say the truth no matter what, it means giving information according to the facts. It is almost like saying “I promise to say the truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God ” when someone is not opening up or is not saying the truth, could be taken as dishonesty.

The truth is nobody wants to deal with friends they can’t trust, to give their sincere opinion about a particular subject. You always want to know your friend’s opinion instead of them just accepting whatever you say to them because you are friends.

If there is no sincerity and honesty between friends then that relationship is not worth it, One way or the other honesty is a way of showing respect to your friends and it proves that you are not fake.

friends for ever

Here comes my Question: “would you rather risk losing a friend by being honest or would you rather keep that friend by not speaking your mind?” My sincere opinion is that honesty is always the best teacher and the best policy when we are dealing with our friends or anybody else. I will like to have your opinion about this topic


How to be a real and true friend

What Do you Need to Be a True Friend

true friend

True, and real friends are hard to find these days, but they are always there at the corner. When you find one, try your best to keep that friendship, and there are many factors that you need to keep that relationship. 

The quality you need is being a real friend, and the values of a true friend always come from the heart.

Looking out for a good friend is a process, and for you to do so, you need to appreciate and show them the care and love they need all the time, no matter the situation.

Talking about friendship has its price sometimes because some will be by you no matter what, the situation and some will not. What is Important in every friend or relationship you build is that it has no price.

real friend

What qualities do we need as a friend? It depends but overall, what you need is trustworthiness as a true friend, and it includes making a promise and fulfilling it.

If you fail on your promises as a friend, you have some explaining to do.

There are so many things that could make a relationship sour, but being true to your friend, Keeping and fulfilling promises could go a long way, and don’t ever make promises you can not keep. We are humans, and nobody is perfect but make sure you avoid not keeping your words with your friends.

As we all know, being dependable always helps in a relationship because every good friend wants someone they can rely on or count on at all times, and that is why being dependable is what we need. That is one of the true qualities of a true and good friend.


Nobody wants someone who is not reliable especially, as a friend.

There are so many things that Could make you stand out as a true friend, Be happy for your friend at every achievement.

We do make mistakes all the time as humans, so you should apologize when you make a mistake or upset your friend.

Be honest with them in whatever way you can, and be honest about your feelings towards your friend if the situation warrants it, and make them realize what they have done to hurt you without hiding or holding back how you feel.

Honesty is the first key to every good friendship or relationship. Any relationship placed on honesty, truthfulness, love, understanding, care for one another, respect, confidence in one another, and dependability will go a long way.

If your friend tells you something in confidence, keep it and don’t discuss it with anyone else.


Be a good listener, avoid being ahead of your friends when it comes to conversation and when they are passing through hard times, be there for them especially, in times of crisis.

Let us say he has a pet and it ran away, be there for him by trying to help, or if your friend is at the hospital or sick at home, be there for them. Giving good and reliable advice is one duty of a good friend, especially when the situation warrants it without making it mandatory for them to take your advice.

Try being supportive and learn to forgive and forget. There are times when they have their way or attitude, but all you have to do is learn to accept them for what they are.



what do we understand as faith?

Faith can mean belief in things hoped for and the trust in what you have not seen but believe in its reality. 
We can always have the faith that something good will show up afterward, especially after working very hard or being a good person.

It can also be believing in yourself or your ability to do a task, and I think the main idea is something greater than this world.

It can also be positive thinking, hope, and confidence in our expectations. 

Sometimes when we have a problem, we always want assurance or confidence in the solution to that problem, and that is where we apply “Faith” in that situation.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is images.png

So, It is having trust, confidence, and assurance in things you have not seen.

Looking at it critically, I would say faith is having trust and belief in what you have not seen or sure of

Like the Bible says, But when you ask, you must believe and not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind. “for let, not that man think that he shall receive anything of the lord. 

double-minded mind is unstable in all his ways. So having faith Is believing that what your commonsense might tell you is not the truth. It can also be called allegiance to a course or a person.

In summary, I will say faith is :


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How long can a Youtube Video last on your channel?

How long can you upload a Youtube video?

youtube video

How long a YouTube video can be, depends on if your account is verified.

If you’re not verified, your YouTube video can only be up to 15 minutes long.

How long a YouTube video lasts depend on if your account is verified or not. If you aren’t verified, the length of your YouTube video can only be 15 minutes or less.

If you are verified, your video can last upto 12 hours long or as much as 128 GB. Here’s everything you need to know about how long a YouTube video can be and how to get around the limitations.

If you are a regular YouTube viewer or creator, you know some videos can be super short, and snappy, while others are the length of a featured film. Videos have some +limitations on how long it can last.

Here’s what you need to know about those limits:

How long a YouTube video can be, depends on if your account is verified

It all depends on whether or not your YouTube account has been verified or not.

Non-verified accounts can only upload videos up to 15 minutes long.

According to Google, a verified account has a limitation to videos that are 12 hours long or 128 GB in size, “whichever is less.”

If you are not sure, and if you’ve gone through the verification process for your account or not, go to your “Account Features” page and look for “Verified” beneath your channel name and “Enabled” in the “Longer Videos” box.

If not, you’ll need to get verified to upload longer videos.


You can check if verified on your account page. Devon Delfino/Business Insider
How to troubleshoot a long YouTube video upload

youtube video

If you see that your channel is verified and can’t upload videos longer than 15 minutes, you may have a copyright claim on one of your videos. You may have a strike against you for violating YouTube’s community guidelines.

You may find the info via the “Account Features” page of your channel, may find all the information you need

If you have a video that exceeds the maximum video length, or size, you need to try some solution.

For example, you could compress the video using editing software to meet the maximum file size without losing quality.

According to YouTube, the best method is encoding the video using the H.264 codec.

Or, if that isn’t an option, you might try splitting it up into two or more videos and cross-linking them so that each one meets those limitations.
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Are you good at what you do?

Are you good at what you do – How do you improve yourself

Are you good at what you do?, Naturally, we have different talents and different kinds of knowledge. The fact that we can be good at one thing at a time means we have to make a choice: what would you want to be better at?

Are you better at what you do, and how can you Improve? I would say that I am good at what I do most of the time. I always put in some effort to do things that interest me.

Life would be boring and uneventful, If you are good at everything you do. There would be no challenges, and there would be no room for improvement, creativity, and progress. 

Effort making and improving at something are part of the challenges which allow you to grow as a person. 

Are you good at what you do? is the big question

Engineers, doctors, artists, authors, bloggers, journalists, or whatever we want to be, we must always strive to improve in whatever we do.

Excel, Microsoft Word, and other software are second nature to some people, and They would love to improve on them. Improve your writing and increase your proficiency with communication skills as a writer.

Some people see what we don’t see in ourselves. which is an improvement to what we do. and could influence our progress. 

I was talking to someone who said her friends think she is a good cook and an excellent mother. she loves being a mother and sometimes behaves like the kids. 

She likes playing, dancing, and coloring. As a mother, she loves cooking and improving herself by trying any recipe that comes her way. 

The fact is that anyone can achieve their objectives and improve their performance.

Believe in yourself in any situation, no matter how disappointed you are, and Remind yourself that you can do anything you want to do in this world.

 I know that I have the skill set and abilities to find the perfect job, and If you work hard and put your passion into what you do, you can achieve anything you desire in life.

3D Technology And Its Values


3d technology

3D technology is great because it has a visual display technology that lets us, the viewers, experience 3D images on a home TV in the form of specially created content, including games, movies, sports, and more. 

The 3D movies and the silly glasses work together to send your eyes a different perspective of the same image.

The images have a projection of the colors red and blue including, the special glasses. It makes sure the eyes get one of the two images. Your brain combines the 3D effect always.

 The 3D technology How does it work?

To generate the appearance of depth, 3-dimensional media work by showing offset pictures to each individual. 

The human brain then stitches these images together to create a 3D technology


3d technology

If you have not seen one of the latest 3D movies at the cinema, the 3D movie Avatar could be a great example. Anytime you watch sporting events and music concerts in real 3D is always great. 

Recent studies have shown that viewers watching a 3D Blu-Ray movie are more attentive than watching in 2D.

Some factors need consideration when choosing 3D glasses.

I’ve simplified it in some areas, but you can see many choices to make if considering whether to take the plunge and buy a 3D glass. 

The best option, certainly for anyone new to 3D TV, is to spend some time studying. Read about this technology on a website online. 

You need to check different buyer reviews at Amazon and then visit a store that carries a range of demo models and try them out.

Vr, Bald, Guy, Reality, Virtual, Glasses

Why does everyone want 3d movies, The superb quality of today’s 3D movies available in the market has improved significantly. 

The current technology has introduced some real upgrades in the lighting and coloring that have improved the picture quality. 

People hunt for 3D movies today because they look genuine in the modern world. 

They are the best bargain for the money spent on them. The first 3D movies produced in the theaters were u2, Beowulf, and created history. 3D movies changed the entire definition of moving to view. 

The recent blockbuster that took everyone by surprise was the avatar that successfully attracted a large audience.

What are the values of a proxy?

What benefits do you get from a proxy server?


Many internet users know the term proxy and they are curious about what proxy values are. Proxies refers to a person who has been given authority to act on behalf of someone else.

The server must transport all information shared between customers through proxy servers.

The definition of proxy varies depending on the situation.

Freely, Intermediate net users use the phrases proxy and proxies, and In the internet world, a proxy website restricts information without limits.

You can access any info over the internet using these websites called proxies.

The server is an intermediate server that handles data sharing between a client and a server.

Any information shared between consumers, and the server must go through these proxy servers.

Almost all workplaces and instructional institutions have a server. The server acts as a firewall. Proxies have an Internet connection to various personal computers.

All data recorded passes through the server. The person in charge can manage the Internet usage of subordinates, customers, or pupils.


A server has a firewall installed and stops access to too many websites. In many cases, servers block several well-known leisure and adult websites.

The servers allow proxy sites, and users can access any information, and these proxies sites allow you access to websites blocked in your business or school. What does this tell us about the values of a proxy?

These servers control internet access in the office. Aside from blocking sites, the servers provide a safe browsing atmosphere for users.

This feature prevents adware and other malware from infecting the user’s PC. The server improves community security and obtains management.

Proxies masks your identity and allows you to surf the internet without disclosing your IP address. Numerous clients are using proxies to conceal their identities and run from intruders.

With proxies, anonymous searching is now possible. Proxies for social networking websites are everywhere.

The subject of making use of proxy to overrule access management is a controversial issue.

Many internet users use this word frequently.

The sites have no limits, and you can access any info over the internet using these websites called Proxy sites.

An intermediate server handles data sharing between a client and a server, and any information shared between a customer with the server must be through these servers.

All data recorded passes via the server, and it allows them to manage the Internet usage of their subordinates, customers, or pupils.

A server has a firewall installed and stops access to many websites, and in many cases, they block several well-known leisure and adult websites. What does this tell us about a proxy’s values?

Without identification by the server, proxies acquire access to the user-selected website.

Using a proxy website hides your identity and the identity of the website you want to visit.

Servers give access to the sites, and users can access any information they want.

Proxy websites allow you to access a wide range of websites that are restricted at work or school. Proxies are identified and blocked by your server.

To Feel Loved By Family On Christmas Day

It’s Great To Feel Loved By Your Family On Christmas Day


Love they say supersedes everything and as we all know love is a great tool for human consumption especially at Christmas, Love as we know brings family together, settles quarrels, disputes among acquaintances and the joy of Christmas makes you feel loved, especially when you have a get together with your family and friends. On a special day like Christmas, love brings everybody together either you meet at a family gathering or you all go out to eat, either way is fulfilling.  They say when things fall apart the center can no-longer hold, everybody comes together because of the love they have together.  when there is love among family members, especially at Christmas the center will always be intact and you will feel loved and happy and you will be hoping that the  family be together again which is always a thing of joy and gladness of heart.


That song happy holidays is a very great song which puts us all in the season mood and makes us all eager to see friends, family and acquaintances.  Christmas always leads to giving gifts, Christmas cards and sometimes going out to eat with family which is part of the love that comes with these wonderful season and most importantly for the kids who are always eager to see father Christmas because of gift and for the joy that they are with a family member which indicates love from parents to kids, love from members of the family to each other and love  from the community to the society which makes the world a joyous and wonderful place to leave and appreciate the year that went by and waiting for the new year to come.


Family gathering, community gathering is always exciting especially at Christmas. We always have the pleasure of happiness when we feel loved by friends and especially by members of the family which makes our hearts and mind filled with joy and happiness especially in the Christmas season. All the attention you get that day makes you fill loved and happy.  As we all know celebrating Christmas is a thing of joy for us all and most importantly is that we celebrate with  joy and happiness that comes with it, that tells us that we should never reject the gathering of friends and family especially at a special period as Christmas. The thought and the joy of getting together most times will make you happy and filled with joy seeing your family members at Christmas.


What is your hobby?

What is the value of a hobby?

the value of your hobby

A hobby is a passion you have for doing something that makes you happy, depending on what that passion is.
When we Talk about hobbies, there are all kinds, depending on your area of interest, designation, or what you are passionate about, and it is like the parents who make it a hobby to take care of their kids every day.
If we need to check our Interests and hobbies, some people like going for a bike ride every morning while some like road-walking, exercising at the gym, swimming and a lot more.


Other people like doing what they have the zeal or passion for, which is always a source of inspiration.

If we look at it critically having, a hobby or passion in doing something we love is a good exercise or measure because it helps in many ways, including parenthood.
Generally, it is always a good thing to develop a hobby in doing something, let’s look at our kids who always like playing with their toys at all times, playing video games on the internet and watching TV at all times, are all part of a hobby.

bicycle riders

People like reading, blogging, going on Facebook regularly to chat and talk with friends, and some people take to Instagram, Twitter, linked in, and other social media.
While Some people cannot do without going to the theater to watch movies, and with the holiday around the corner, it is more of a motive for them to run along to watch more movies, and it has become a passion or hobby for them.

Sometimes having a hobby or doing something we like helps with stress, disappointments, and sadness.

There are other kinds of hobbies, and they include:


  1. Cooking, baking, stitching, washing, fishing, drawing, makeup, and sewing are all Important hobbies. There are Other hobbies or activities in which people can acquire a passion. 
  2. Photography is another passion which some people like with all their heart. When we Take stunning images in various areas throughout the summer, as we all know can be exciting. 
  3. Music and dance are other hobbies that give you joy, solace, and happiness. 
  4. Stamp collecting is a passive hobby and a passion for other people.
  5. Going for a walk and spending some time alone in contemplation of peace could be a great passion and a hobby for others.
  6. Playing guitar and composing songs could be a great hobby that is always appreciated.
  7. Some folks enjoy volleyball, baseball, basketball, soccer, knitting, and camping.


Creating a hobby is always very helpful, especially in distress. It helps you focus your mind on something else.

It also helps appreciate what you have passion for, especially if it gives you solace, joy, and peace of mind.

As we all know, what makes us happy most, always helps motivate us. It helps elevate us in our jobs, businesses, and whatever we intend to do or are doing presently.

What is most important about having a hobby is that it makes us happy and we should always go for happiness.

Should Anyone Apologize For Making A Mistake?

Why Do You Apologize For A Mistake?

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It is a small but big world, and we as humans are bound to make mistakes one way or the other, but the question is, do we have to apologize for our mistakes, and why if we need to?

Someone told me once that perfection is far from us as humans, and It’s why we make our mistakes sometimes.

Sometimes we make mistakes and refuse to acknowledge or accept that we are wrong because we don’t consider or accept the fact that we have made a mistake, or sometimes our ego gets over us, and we stubbornly refuse to apologize.

Is there a problem when we refuse to acknowledge our error?

I don’t think so, but the fact remains that we might repeat the same mistake next time if we don’t take responsibility for our actions.


There are categories to making mistakes, some people make mistakes knowingly, and some make them unknowingly, but what do we do when we are in this kind of situation?

When we make mistakes, do we say, “I AM SORRY?” which, in my opinion, is the proper thing to do.

You will realize that you have made an error, and be conscious of not making that mistake next time. It is always a good thing to apologize if it involves another party.


As we all know, many people do not plan on mistakes or errors, but sometimes too much stress could be a reason, which sometimes could be caused by lack of concentration or focus.

Mistakes happen in different environments such as at home, work, school, business places, and more, and a variety of situations can warrant mistakes.

A leader who refuses to accept that they are wrong would always lack confidence from the people around him. The reason why he never accepts his fault and mistakes is due to pride and ego.



It is always a good thing if anyone can accept their fault, to avoid guilt or fear, especially when you did something wrong in the office by misplacing a file for a meeting or mistake anywhere else.

The best thing to do is to let your boss know immediately, and apologize for it indicates your humility.

I am sorry always communicates respect, and this might be the best time to get the best advice and concerns from your boss. I am sure it will help against the same mistake next time.

My question is, should a manager, friend, acquaintance, and any other person apologize for their mistakes? I will say yes.

How To achieve our goals

What Considerations Do We Need For Progress And Improvements

the wheel of life

what am i talking about?, I am talking about our life style or cycle from when we were toddlers, teenagers, adults, married with family, and when we are old and from my point of view this also includes all the challenges of our lives, what we have faced in our relationship, love life, other aspect of our lives and what our achievement and loses are and what we stand to gain at the end of the day.  This also involves our goals, ambitions, prospects, our plans for tomorrow and the future. What do we really want for ourselves and our family and how do we make them and our selves happy through our goals plans and achievements.


This really is a life cycle and talking about our goals, where do we really stand as per achieving them, we want the best in what we do as accountants, bloggers, creators, doctors , best fathers and mothers, best husband’s, lovers and so on, but do we go through this process of being the best by being lazy or procrastinating all the time or by  working hard and dedicated at what we do or by living a life that is of no value to us?.  I believe being focused and doing better things that will project us as good and better role models for ourselves, our families, children and neighbors alike would be the best way to go, thereby making us the best in our different fields of interest as bloggers, writers, engineers and whatever profession we are in  and this all circulates or revolves round our careers, family, friends, romance, fun , recreation, health, money, personal growth and our environment.


There are a lot that needs consideration when it comes to improvement and progress in our lives:

1. We need focus and dedication in whatever we do to get to our life goal
Sometimes we are stock when we are really trying to move forward and what can we do in situations like this?, So being focused would be the way to go.

2. There is nothing as good as committing ourselves to taking action and what steps do we need to take and be satisfied in our different areas of life especially in our Business, Career, Studies, Health and fitness, finance, social life and friends, with our family, in our love life, recreation and fun, contribution to society and personal growth, so we need fulfillment in various aspect of our lives and this all comes to hard work, dedication, focus and taking action and doing the best we can to get to where we want.