5 Tips to Stay Safe Online: A Beginner’s Guide to Living a Safer Digital Life

Important Tips To Stay Safe Online

Online safety

‍Online safety is a big deal in the digital world. It’s an unfortunate truth that the internet is not a safe place. Hackers, cybercriminals, and other malicious actors can find ways to take advantage of users who are uneducated about the internet security and online privacy. If you  are concerned about keeping your data private while browsing the web, there are steps to protect yourself online. The more you know about how hackers find weak spots in networks, the less likely they can target you specifically because of your ignorance. You should know some things if you want to keep your Information secure on the internet, especially when it relates to online safety.. Thankfully, this blog post will provide everything you need to protect your online privacy and remain safer while browsing.

Change Your Passwords

A data breach occurs when hackers gain unauthorized access to data stored by a company. If a breach occurs, a hacker will likely try logging in to various online accounts to steal personal Information. If the same password is for multiple accounts, a hacker could gain access to many of your reports at once if he were able to breach one of your accounts that uses the same password. 

It would help if you changed your passwords at least once every six months or after a significant event that could change the risk level of a breach, like a significant cyberattack. A strong password is at least ten characters long and includes various symbols, numbers, and letters. You should also avoid using personal Info like your full name, birth date, or identifying Information about you or your family. 

Personal Information includes standard slang terms and abbreviations, like “the,” “of,” “and,” etc. Using a password manager like Dashlane or LastPass is best to help you create and remember unique, strong passwords for all your online transactions.

Stop Sharing Your Data With Trusted Parties

Many people don’t know they are giving away their data when they agree to a company’s terms of service. You should be very careful when deciding on terms of service, especially if you are not reading them. Terms of service are a legal agreement between you and a company about how you use their services and products. 

However, many terms of service agreements are lengthy, confusing, and contain hidden clauses that give companies the authority to track and view your data. If you don’t read and fully understand this data, you cannot make informed decisions about whether or not you want to agree to it. 

When you click “accept” without reading the terms of service, you are giving the company permission to collect and use your data in any way they see fit. If a company’s terms of service are anything but basic, you should think twice about whether or not you want to use their product or service. You can use terms of service analyzer tools like Terms of Service; You need to Read to determine whether a company’s terms of service are worth your data.

online safety


A virtual private network allows connection to the internet through a server controlled by the VPN provider. When you use a VPN, your computer or device connects to the internet through the VPN’s server instead of the internet service provider (ISP) server. ISP means that your ISP cannot see what you are doing online, and your internet activity is unlogged. Using a VPN is very good for protecting your online privacy.

The reason is that it creates a secure and encrypted connection between a device and the VPN server, which means that no one can hack into your device or intercept your data. The best VPNs will also have strict no-logging policies that ensure that they never track or record your online activity. When using a VPN, make sure you connect to a server not located in your country. The VPN helps protect your online privacy by preventing your ISP from tracking your activities online.

Install Ad Blockers

Ads on websites often contain trackers used to collect your data and follow you across the internet. You can use ad blockers to prevent these trackers from collecting your data when browsing the internet. There are browser extensions for most major browsers that can help you block ads and trackers. You can also use ad-blocking VPNs, which are especially helpful when traveling or using public WiFi since it prevents advertisers from tracking you across the internet. 

The best ad blockers will also block trackers from social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. These trackers are often hidden and are used to collect your data and serve you advertisements. Using ad blockers is especially important if you’re using public WiFi. Public WiFi can be a breeding ground for hackers trying to collect your data. Using an ad blocker can help you prevent this from happening.

online safetyDon’t Click On Everything

Many people think it won’t affect them if they don’t click on something, but It is not valid Information. If you see an advertisement, link, or popup that you don’t understand and don’t intend to click on, don’t click on it. You should always be aware of where your cursor is on your screen when online. If there is an advertisement or link that you don’t understand, move your cursor away as quickly as possible. While you don’t always have to worry about clicking on something malicious, clicking on things you don’t intend to can cause you problems. It may cause your cursor to click on something you don’t want to, or it could click on an advertisement that earns the website money while causing you problems.


The internet has become a dangerous place, and it is mandatory to understand the process of protecting your data from malicious actors. By changing your passwords, stopping sharing your data, using a VPN, installing ad blockers, and not clicking on everything, you can reduce the possibility of becoming a victim of cybercrime. These tips will not only help you stay safe but will also help you protect the data of your friends and acquaintances.

How To Make Cash Online With A Blog

Making Cash Online With A Blog

Making cash online takes a process of writing and anybody can make cash online if you like writing. Internet is a great place where people of different kinds  and minds share ideas and opinions by writing and this include writers of both fiction and non-fiction articles or blogs and they can always make cash for themselves online just as much as they would love. If you love writing and belong to the fiction and non fiction writers group, you will need to take full advantage of the opportunities given to you, by at least starting a blog. If we need to consider all the available help in all kinds of guides, it is relatively very easy to develop a blog.  The best you can do essentially is getting started by writing your own blog, and this is even easier for those who like writing as a Vocation. What do you have to do to start? first, understanding what to write about is your first big step in producing a blog. Decide on a topic for the blog you are writing and put it up into writing by expressing yourself on the topic, like you would do any good statement.



It is possible to deviate from your blog theme, however  the heart of your blog site is your theme. Try to pick a subject you have interest in or have passion about, because you will be writing a lot bout it. most times you need to write at least three entries every week which does not seem too much but could be, depending on your content. Writing your blog starts with the subject and niche chosen.  There are many ways of writing your blog without involving your money and sometimes it is tough for a beginner who is writing for the first time. here are many ways to begin and this includes the fact that you do what you can without involving money or any investment. As a beginner it might be very frustrating paying for hosting services in the beginning and not making any money or getting returns on investment. While you are learning, you might become frustrated at the cost and lack of money from your productions. If you are looking for options through a search engine, you’ll find such places like Blogger, Blogspot, MySpace or other blogging sites.

cash with blog

cash with blog

Although you don’t want to make much expenses for hosting but you will need be the owner of your blog, that way you will have to pay for hosting services.  Reason being that you want a domain name of your choice and web hosting cost little price. If making money is your goal, it will be helpful to personalize your blog.  After setting up your site , you need to tailor it to your taste and need, therefore making it your unique blog. There are many changes you can make to your blog for it to look  unique and professional.  For your blog to look good,It needs to look professional if you plan earning any money from it. If your website is really a dump, it’s going to turn people off. Repeat visits and recommendations to other people is what you want from your site visitors. You need an appealing website to do this. Everyday more people come to the internet and the number of people buying goods online increase and the best you can give to them is their desire or what they want by sharing your knowledge, feelings and experience with them, so they can learn more.

cash with blog

cash with blog

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Entertainment Online Today

Entertainment Online One Of The Most Preferred Methods Of Entertainment

Entertainment Online is now one of the most preferred methods of entertainment. People around the world can get together and share experiences like never before. There are so many ways to do this and it is changing extremely fast.  Music, movies, live events are easily accessible right from your home computer. The World Wide Web is amazing. Using the internet, people can see and do things they never imagined is possible.


trailer movies

People from all over the world join online communities to play their favorite games. They create huge fantasy worlds, with fun characters, beautiful graphics and lively music. They can form alliances and enemies. They can even set up real friendships with those they play with.  Dating online is another way of online entertainment. Connecting with people with same interests is extremely popular. Live chat has made it possible for people to set up real relationships.   There are lots of success stories about finding your soul mate online. Lots of marriages happened too through this process.

online games


Advertising is now going online. No longer are people using the outdated methods of advertising. Everything is changing with this new technology and that includes purchasing your favorite items online.  Shopping online is becoming something very common.   Getting what you want in almost no time, shipped to your doorsteps most of the times.   Searching for the right products is just a breeze with the latest search tools that come up almost overnight. Avoiding the crowds in busy holiday time is another advantage.  Let’s put into consideration, convenience of laying down or shopping in your pajamas online, instead of beating the traffic to the mall!research for products

shopping online

As a last thought, today the entertainment online and technology are inseparable. With practically no restriction, the entertainment online is the number one choice for everyone.

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