To Feel Loved By Family On Christmas Day

It’s Great To Feel Loved By Your Family On Christmas Day


Love they say supersedes everything and as we all know love is a great tool for human consumption especially at Christmas, Love as we know brings family together, settles quarrels, disputes among acquaintances and the joy of Christmas makes you feel loved, especially when you have a get together with your family and friends. On a special day like Christmas, love brings everybody together either you meet at a family gathering or you all go out to eat, either way is fulfilling.  They say when things fall apart the center can no-longer hold, everybody comes together because of the love they have together.  when there is love among family members, especially at Christmas the center will always be intact and you will feel loved and happy and you will be hoping that the  family be together again which is always a thing of joy and gladness of heart.


That song happy holidays is a very great song which puts us all in the season mood and makes us all eager to see friends, family and acquaintances.  Christmas always leads to giving gifts, Christmas cards and sometimes going out to eat with family which is part of the love that comes with these wonderful season and most importantly for the kids who are always eager to see father Christmas because of gift and for the joy that they are with a family member which indicates love from parents to kids, love from members of the family to each other and love  from the community to the society which makes the world a joyous and wonderful place to leave and appreciate the year that went by and waiting for the new year to come.


Family gathering, community gathering is always exciting especially at Christmas. We always have the pleasure of happiness when we feel loved by friends and especially by members of the family which makes our hearts and mind filled with joy and happiness especially in the Christmas season. All the attention you get that day makes you fill loved and happy.  As we all know celebrating Christmas is a thing of joy for us all and most importantly is that we celebrate with  joy and happiness that comes with it, that tells us that we should never reject the gathering of friends and family especially at a special period as Christmas. The thought and the joy of getting together most times will make you happy and filled with joy seeing your family members at Christmas.


how to make relationships work

Making relationships work

How do we make relationships work?, hmmm! it takes the grace of God and a lot of good notion including patience understand and perseverance and most relationship have stress and crisis, so making sacrifice for that relationship will go a along way, but it is always worth the while if properly applied, there are so many information, prompts and advice out there and sometimes they could be reliable and sometimes it is not worth accepting because they look like junk automatically means it is not a good advice and it is not worth reading because they are most times contradicting and confusing. The unfortunate thing is that most information given is one-sided and   does not apply to everybody because of the fact that different problems needs different solutions and i am being brief about what advice I can give about making a relationship work. There are some elements of truth about stability in a good relationship.  Some factors that make relationships work are:
How to Improve Your Marriage Without Talking About It


relationship built on trust

built on trust

  • Trust: A good, healthy and loving relationship relies on trust and faith in whomever you are dealing with which includes marriages and others, for without trust, chaos, confusion and pestilence will arise in that relationship and from a layman’s point of view, a relationship without trust is like telephone without service, which is almost like a relationship without a good foundation.  lack of trust can lead to you checking on him all the time believing in what you imagine which could be baseless. lets say he is away on a conference, you are there worried about what he or she is doing and who they are with and all kinds of thought will be flowing through your mind.  Unnecessary insecurities due to lack of trust will lead to constant quarrel and commotions at home which if looked critically could end up driving both of you apart instead of getting close. I get it, there has been a bad experience about a past relationship. but we need to forget about our past and move on or else you will have trust issue in your relationship which you need to avoid.
    The Relationship Cure: A 5 Step Guide to Strengthening Your Marriage, Family, and Friendships


  • communication : Do you communicate with your partner at all? some people have problem expressing their feelings and what they think with their friend and partner, but why? of what value is that relationship when there is no room for proper communication. Lack of communication with your partner is a big problem. It is in your best interest to tell him your opinion, then you can both solve whatever problem you may have and it will create room for understanding which is always the case with communicating to each other and not keeping quiet. improper communication might lead to survival problems in that relationship. There are some factors that needs consideration when communicating and these includes respect and talking calmly and reasonably to each other and this could be a better solution to all problems which will call for understand and therefore solution.


Why Marriages Succeed or Fail: And How You Can Make Yours Last

  • Love: There is that saying which says “love conquers them all”.  It is the major reason which brings two people together anyways and sometimes some people decide to get together and live together even if they don’t love each other and its an incredible situation and with time they may fall in love with each other and this love situation will help in solving most problems, no matter how tough and if both parties fall apart that same love that brought them together the first time will always bring them back.  For peace, understanding and love to reign in any relationship you must learn to:
  1. Understand your partner at all cost
  2. Give love honor and respect to each other
  3. Try creating moment for connection and communication
  4. Learn to share things in common
  5. Cope with situations and problems wisely and strategically no matter how tough
  6. Learn to dialogue as much as you can





Explain Your Biggest Regrets

What Is Your Biggest Regret



We all have regrets one way or the other during the cause of our lives, there are different kinds of regrets such as regret about loosing loved ones who were so  dear to us, regret about loosing contacts with important friends and school mates, regret about not doing the right thing at the right time, regret about doing the right thing at the wrong time, regret about not fulfilling our life goals and aspirations, regret about our achievements so far, regret about not going after what we want especially when we had it at our finger tips, regrets about our marriage, regret about associating with the wrong friends and acquaintances, regret about not being able to differentiate between a good friend and a bad one,regret about not setting our goals as we should and so on, there are so many things that can bring about regrets but the good thing is that, once we realize where we defaulted we can always correct our selves, This makes us strong and moving on would not be a problem and it also gives room to caution from unnecessary regrets in the future.

my regrets

A friend of mine was telling me of how much regret he had about not being able to show appreciation to his parents for how they raised him, because they are no more, one way or the other we do have people that we love and we hope and assume that they will always be in our lives, but due to unforeseen circumstances beyond us they are there no more or we lose contact with them because we do not realize how valuable they are to us then. many a time we do not know the value of what we have and how precious it is until we lose it, especially if we were in a sweet and loving relationship such as marriage and other kinds of relationship,  Due to our unconsciousness at the time of our relationship, we refuse to recognize its value until after it sleeps out of our hands. some time we regret not paying attention to what our parents thought us as kids and teenagers, but latter realized its value as adults. somebody was talking about going to a place where he would have achieved a lot and fulfill his dreams, but did not go after it when it was necessary to do so.


Errors and mistakes always gives room for corrections and is always a motivator for better life which simple means what ever mistake we did in the past after realization can bring about our success and achievements by learning from the past. because of our regrets from the past we can  always learn from it by:

1. Identifying and checking our weaknesses

2. Using our mistakes as a yardstick for teaching ourselves and for correction

3. Using the privilege as a way of adaptation

4. Trying to focus and improve on whatever we are doing

5. Trying to figure out what we need to appreciate even in times of crisis

6. Trying to improve and check our relationships

7. Accepting blames and moving on

Get Ready To Meet That Special person

Meeting The Special person in your life

It is quite possible that you have spent all your fruitful years chasing the professional goals and climbing the corporate ladder. You have never had time for yourself or entertained any thought of pursuing your love life. Do you realize that time is running out and you might end up missing the bus?, If you fit the description above and feel that you need to find love now, good for you. The fact is that it is still not late. You first need to get yourself back into shape and feel good.

meet that special person

special person

Once you have accepted the fact that you want in a relationship, you will automatically grow sensitive and start noticing the girls around you. Who knows it might be someone special in your office or down at the restaurant. Some friend might introduce you to his friend who might get interested in you. If not you can always join social media networking sites and  get to chat with so many interesting persons and that special someone will definitely come along to chat with you.


special person

If you are still busy from work and are not able to take time off to make friends  fair enough. What you could do is to check out and register with some of the best online dating services without having to spend too much of your time.  Online dating services are ideal platforms which give you the opportunity not only to write about yourself but also to put up the details of the kind of person that you would wish to meet. It would be a good idea to include a small color photo of yours, for this will surely attract women. Your photo can speak a lot about your personality in ways you cannot just put into words.  To make life easy, you can go to the gym get yourself in shape and look your best, then take some pictures for your audience to see.  All done, relax and get ready to enjoy

legendary love

love for life

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What It Takes To Keep Your Relationship

It takes two to set up a relationship and it takes two to build it and it takes two to keep up and make that relationship work.  When a ship is one-sided it might sink, for a relationship to balance up it needs harmony and a good, loving and long relationship needs love, understanding, perseverance and patience.  Sometimes there maybe crisis like quarrel, but who is right or wrong does not really matter, but what matters is how both parties handle whatever the situation is maturely and how you share your views, ideas and settle your grievances. Nobody ever expect or plan a fight with our partners and loved ones  in a relationship, in most cases it just shows its ugly head and its very painful especially if it was a serious argument or fight.

Love ? I love love love you.

Love ? I love love love you. (Photo credit:

We must learn to understand the gravity on which a relationship stands or established, for every good and loving relationship needs love, understanding, trust, perseverance, endurance and patience, the reason being that two unknown people from different background and different orientation and training decide to come together as one really indicates that there could be conflict because sometimes our opinions may not tally which might lead to little quarrel here and there.  The greatest thing we could do as friends and couples in a relationship are to create room for understanding, endurance and patience especially in times of crisis which I believe is the key to a successful relationship.

what it tkaes to keep a relationship

love and understanding

There are so many factors that need’s consideration when it comes to how to keep your relationship. The major factors that need consideration are:

showing understanding
love and patience
  1. Making sure we have a healthy and loving relationship

  2. Maintain the relationship and make it work

  3. Learn to listen when the other partner expresses their feelings and Try not to hide your feelings from each other

  4. Create an avenue for good conversation especially in times of crisis for every relationship craves for a healthy conversation

  5. Try  enduring and persevere

  6. Try to avoid grudges for more than few hours

  7. Try to work out your differences no matter what

  8. Make sure all ego and emotions  are under control

  9. Know when to say yes or no in most cases

  10. Don’t assume your partner can read your mind or know everything

  11. Avoid picking on each other

  12. Trying to know what each partner likes or does not like and  it is always very helpful and helps in building a wonderful relationship

  13. Both partners must discover the source of arguments and then create or design a way of finding solution to it and sometimes personal discovery of solution to problem could be very helpful

  14. Don’t take what you say to each other personally, especially during the heat of the moment

  15. Learn to say I am sorry when necessary.

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