Importance Of Honesty In Friendship


Why Honesty is important in friendship

Honesty and sincerity is the foundation of every good thing, especially when it comes to relationships which could go a long way, although,True and real friends are hard to find this days but they are always there at the corner as long as you have a honest and sincere heart towards each other and i believe Honesty in a relationship is a possibility as long as there is an established trust.  There are many factors which makes up a good friend and the most important of them all is being able to open up to each other and not keeping secrets from each other.


Your best friends are always there by you, no matter what your situation is and they will support you and make sure you archive your goals in life because you have become part of them and they part of you but transparency and honesty is the key.  secrets and lies can destroy what both of you have built especially, if you have been friends for a long time. You don’t want your friend to feel betrayed especially by you and i am sure you don’t want to feel betrayed by a friend either.  Secrets and lies are always not the best in whatever situation you may find yourself, even if you think it’s better than not telling the truth or being honest with that friend. Truth always comes out at the end and they could feel betrayed.

boysinthe field

Honesty is the source and the pillar of a good friendship. For us to Build and or keep up this honesty, we need to make conscious effort to tell the truth, be able to communicate freely and you have to keep to your word. Reliability to each other at all times will go a long way, confrontation could be helpful sometimes which will clarify some issues that you probably do not understand.  In order to have an honest  and trusted relationship, It is always a good idea to learn how to open up with each other.  Telling lies to a friend might end up devaluing the relationship you have built with that person if found out.


From my little understanding, honesty  simply means you have to agree to say the truth no matter , it means giving information according to the facts. It is almost like saying “I promise to say the truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God ” when someone is not opening up or is not saying the truth, could be taken as dishonesty.  The truth is nobody wants to deal with friends they can’t trust to give their sincere opinion about a particular topic. You always want to know your friends opinion instead of them just accepting whatever you say to them because you are friends.  If there is no sincerity and honesty between friends then that relationship is not worth it, One way or the other honesty is a way of showing respect to your friends and it proves that you are not fake.

friends for ever

Here comes my Question: “would you rather risk loosing a friend by being honest or would you rather keep that friend by not speaking your mind?” My sincere opinion is that honesty is always the best teacher and the best policy when we are dealing with our friends or anybody else. I will like to have your opinion about this topic




What is your hobby

What is the value of a hobby

the value of your hobby

Hobby is the passion you have for doing something that makes you happy depending on your passion. Talking about hobbies, there are all kinds of hobbies depending on your area of interest , designation or what you are passionate about. It ‘s like the parents who make it a hobby to take care of their kids on daily basis, If we need to check our Interests and hobbies, some people like going for a bike ride every morning while some like road walking, exercising at the gym, swimming and a lot more.


Other people like doing what they have the zeal or passion for, which is always the source of inspiration for them. If we look at it critically, having a hobby or passion in doing something is a very good exercise or measure because it helps you in maintaining and exercising your duties which in some cases are mandatory especially parenting , but generally it is always a good thing to develop a hobby in doing something, let’s look at our kids who always like playing with their toys at all times, playing video games on the internet and watching TV at all times, these are all part of a hobby.

bicycle riders

some people like reading, blogging, going on Facebook on regular basis to chat and talk with friends and some people take to Instagram,twitter,linked in and other social media. All this process have become a hobby for each person thereby helping in our efforts. some people cannot do without going to the theater to watch movies and with the holiday around the corner, is more motive for them to run along to watch more movies and this has become a passion or hobby for them.


Sometimes having a hobby or doing something we like helps in killing stress and sadness for instance when you are sad or unhappy,  you can develop the habit or passion for reading especially good and interesting books and novels which will take you to a different world and thereby helping  you in taking away your sadness. There are other kind of hobbies and they include:


  1. Cooking, baking , sewing, washing, fishing,  drawing, makeup, sewing and a lot more and theses are part of the areas where people develop passion. Some college students like taking part in plays and drama organized by a literary society in their school.
    2. Photography is another passion which some people like with all their heart, especially in summer and as we all know taking beautiful pictures in different locations could be very exciting
    3. Music and dance is another hobby that gives you joy, solace and happiness. It will always be a great thing if you can take the pleasure of taking classes and it could be a great fun too.
    4. Stamp collecting is a passive hobby which is passion for some other people.
    5. Going  for a walk and spending sometime alone in contemplation and peace could be a great passion  and hobby for others

          6. Playing guitar and composing songs could be a great hobby which is always appreciated.

7. volleyball , baseball, basketball, soccer, knitting, camping are also hobbies for some people.


Creating a hobby is always very helpful especially in distress, it helps you to focus your mind on something else and it also helps in making you appreciate what you have passion for , especially what gives you solace and peace of mind. As we all know doing what makes us happy most, always helps motivate and elevate us in our job’s and businesses and whatever we intend doing.  What is most important about having a hobby is that it makes us happy and we should always go for happiness.

should one apologize for making mistakes

Why do you Apologize ?


It is a small but big world and as humans we are bound to make mistakes one way or the other but the question is do we really have to apologize for our mistakes and why if we need to? somebody told me perfection is far from us and that is why we make our mistakes but the question is still there. Sometimes we make mistakes and refuse to acknowledge or accept that we are wrong because we don’t consider or accept the fact that we have made a mistake or sometimes our ego get over us and we stubbornly refuse  to apologize. Is there really a problem when we refuse to acknowledge our error?, not necessarily but the fact remains that we might repeat same mistake next time if we don’t take responsibility for it.


There are categories to making mistakes, some people make mistakes knowingly and some make it unknowingly but what do we do when we are in this situation, do we say “I AM SORRY?”  when we make mistakes which from my point of view would be the right thing to do and the matter would be resolved and you will be conscious of not making that type of mistake next time. It is always a good thing to apologize if it involves another party.
images3 As we all know a lot of people do not plan on mistakes or errors but sometimes too much stress could be a reason which sometimes could be caused by lack of concentration. Mistakes happen in all kinds of environment such as at home, work, school, business place and other areas and different situations can lead to mistakes. A leader who refuses to accept the fact that they are wrong would always have lack of trust from the people around him because he never accepts his fault and own up to his mistakes due to pride and ego.

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It will be a good thing if anyone can own up to their mistakes and avoid guilt or fear especially when you did something wrong in the office by misplacing a file for a meeting. Best thing to do is to let your boss know immediately and apologize for it indicates your humility and i am sorry always communicates respect and this might be the best time to get the best advice and concerns from your boss and i am sure it will help you in making sure the same mistake does not repeat itself. My Question is should a manager, friends, acquaintance and any other person apologize for their mistakes?, what i will say is yes.

How To achieve our goals

What Considerations Do We Need For Progress And Improvements

the wheel of life

what am i talking about?, I am talking about our life style or cycle from when we were toddlers, teenagers, adults, married with family, and when we are old and from my point of view this also includes all the challenges of our lives, what we have faced in our relationship, love life, other aspect of our lives and what our achievement and loses are and what we stand to gain at the end of the day.  This also involves our goals, ambitions, prospects, our plans for tomorrow and the future. What do we really want for ourselves and our family and how do we make them and our selves happy through our goals plans and achievements.


This really is a life cycle and talking about our goals, where do we really stand as per achieving them, we want the best in what we do as accountants, bloggers, creators, doctors , best fathers and mothers, best husband’s, lovers and so on, but do we go through this process of being the best by being lazy or procrastinating all the time or by  working hard and dedicated at what we do or by living a life that is of no value to us?.  I believe being focused and doing better things that will project us as good and better role models for ourselves, our families, children and neighbors alike would be the best way to go, thereby making us the best in our different fields of interest as bloggers, writers, engineers and whatever profession we are in  and this all circulates or revolves round our careers, family, friends, romance, fun , recreation, health, money, personal growth and our environment.


There are a lot that needs consideration when it comes to improvement and progress in our lives:

1. We need focus and dedication in whatever we do to get to our life goal
Sometimes we are stock when we are really trying to move forward and what can we do in situations like this?, So being focused would be the way to go.

2. There is nothing as good as committing ourselves to taking action and what steps do we need to take and be satisfied in our different areas of life especially in our Business, Career, Studies, Health and fitness, finance, social life and friends, with our family, in our love life, recreation and fun, contribution to society and personal growth, so we need fulfillment in various aspect of our lives and this all comes to hard work, dedication, focus and taking action and doing the best we can to get to where we want.

Are you good at what you do? What would you like to be better at

How To Improve yourself


Naturally we have different talents and knowledge of different kind and we all cannot be good at the same thing at the same time which warrants the question which is what are you better at? are you better at what you do and how can you be better at what you do. I would say that I am good at what I do most of the time. I put in some effort to do things that interest me but sometimes it takes a while to become good at it.  life would be boring and uneventful if you are good at everything you do and then there would be no challenges and there would be no room for improvement, creativity and progress .  Making effort and improving at something is part of the challenges which allows you to grow as a person. Sometimes the process of achieving a goal or getting what you want is more appealing than completing the goal itself because of the challenges that come with it.


goodWe all have different areas of Interest and some of us could be good engineers, doctors, artist, writers, bloggers, journalists and so on but would like to improve on whatever they do. For instance some people are very good at excel, Microsoft word and other application programs and would like to improve on it. Many of them would want prefer being a better geek at what they do and sometimes could be good at something entirely different. If you are a writer you could improve on your writing skills.  We have a lot that we can improve on and do with our interest, skills and we can increase our proficiency with our communication skills as a writer, all we need to do is to focus, get busy and take action.


Some people see in us what we don’t see in ourselves which could be a great improvement to what we do and could influence our greatness and improvement. I was talking to someone who said her friends thinks she is a good cook and an excellent mother and she said she loves being a mother and sometimes she behaves like the kids ,playing dancing and coloring.  As a mother she loves cooking and improving herself by trying any recipe that comes her way. As the case maybe, everyone wants perfection at what they do. some skaters like being professionals, some bloggers likes being perfect and some writers want creativity and better write-ups and so does it apply to our other areas of interest. Some say i am not good at anything and some say i was good at writing and every other thing that i do but don’t command that same kind of mastery anymore, but the fact remains that they can meet their goal and be better at what they do.

goodSometimes I just can’t keep up with  the world. I am doing the best i can, but time flies and I often give up. And I have this project i am working on about writing and i find it difficult writing even a word. It is terrible and the reason being that i have always been good at what i do, but i am sure i can get there again.  So in my opinion, having confidence in yourself is the first step forward to handle any situation either disappointment or rejection.  You need to tell yourself that you can do anything you want to do in this world. I know that I have the skills, and abilities to find the perfect job. If you work hard and put your heart into what you do, you can do anything that you want in your life.  especially when you are not far from people who want you to succeed in all that you do.

Season of peace and happiness

Happy Holidays To You

A happy  time is when people get together to celebrate a most important and peaceful time that matters to all.  Christmas is a time when all friends and families leave there jobs and what ever they have to do to celebrate, it is also a time that people get together in harmony to appreciate life,time and unity with happiness that really counts in the life of man and this is a time when families go out to eat and have fun that really counts with friends and relations .

xmas holiday

happy holidays

Christmas at Downton Abbey (2CD)

Christmas is a special time where kids are happy and want to show it by going to Christmas parties and singing carols and Christmas sing and there are lots of important and necessary things happening for everybody. It is really a time that everybody is looking forward to.  i remember as a little kid, this is a time that we are always looking forward to, because we always have fireworks and a lot of fun including going to parties and a lot of eating and drinking, it’s all fun time for all.




Christmas is a peaceful and mood changing period when everybody forgets about their life challenges, sorrows pains and whatever they are going through. It is a season of great impression on all grounds and it is a wonderful time that needs consideration by both kids and adults, so it’s a season of happiness, song, celebration and joy.  Christmas has always been a holiday celebrated carelessly, both pagans, Christians, millennia and Jews alike have become part of the season’s festivities, and it is only few people who consider the celebration’s intrinsic meaning, history, or origins. The joy of it is what really matters and not its origin.

fun and game

Most of the most popular Christmas customs which  includes the Christmas trees, Christmas presents and Santa Claus.  Most people who are happily preparing for the Xmas celebrations would rather not know about the holidays real origin or significance. even if they know the history or origin of Christmas, they do not care because of the fun and happiness that it brings and that is what really counts or matters.


I remember the Christmas song:” Happy Holiday Happy holiday, happy holiday While the merry bells keep ringing May your every wish come true.  Happy holiday, happy holiday May the calendar keep bringing Happy holidays to you.  Come To Holiday Inn If you’re burdened down with trouble, If your nerves are wearing thin Park your load down the road And come to Holiday Inn.  If the traffic noise affects you Like a squeaky violin Kick your cares down the stairs And come to Holiday Inn.  If you can’t find someone who Would set your heart a-whirl Take your car and motor to The home of boy meets girl.  If you’re laid-up with a breakdown, Throw away your vitamin Don’t get worse, grab your nurse and come to holiday inn?” It would be a good thing to bring your family and friends together at this time of the year.  “Happy Holidays”.
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The beauty of thanksgiving

Thanksgiving as a way of life

giving thanks


 The hustling and bustling, the excitement, the preparation, the announcements, the radio and television discussion about thanksgiving makes one to wonder how it would be devastating if there is no Thanksgiving, but for everyday that passes in our lives we always have a thing or two to say thank you for. Is it the job that we got or the birth of our kids or the house that we bought or the new car that we have or our kids graduating from school and we are happy for the blessing of God by giving us good and understanding neighbors or friends that always want to hear us out and listen to what we have to say and the people we have in our lives. We are thankful for all that has transpired in our lives from different angles of our various lives, starting from the beginning of the year till date.

giving thanks


It was a great and wonderful day when we went out to the salvation army place to appreciate the thanksgiving, the hall was full of people, the kids were playing around, the adults were discussing, the ushers were helping people with food and other activities in this place and the beauty of it all is the interaction and the happiness you see on people’s face on that particular day, the DJ was there doing his thing and the most exciting part of it was the gift that was given out from the ticket that was given out to everybody and to make it more elaborate was the band that played at this occasion, the little children that were singing and playing around and the host and I then said to myself, no matter what your situation is and whatever you are going through, we need to give thanks for every single day of our lives, for every single breath that we breathe and for the lives of our family and friends.



some are in the hospital not able to go out or see friends, but the lives that they have is worth being thankful for and it is always a thing of beauty to say Our father in heaven we thank you, if that is the only prayer we have, it is worth it. We have always been thankful for everyday of our lives and when we sleep and wake up, but the most beautiful thing about thanksgiving is being able to say thank you after all our lives experiences on the thanksgiving day is absolutely amazing.  Some families go out on that day to the movies to have fun which is part of the beauty of thanksgiving.  One other thing that i appreciate and value about the thanksgiving is the black Friday, a lot of family is making preparation for this day so they can buy stuff for a moderate price and enjoy the bliss of the thanksgiving ceremony and another thing that i realize is people going out on black Friday despite the cold to buy stuff for their various families.

Love At The Thanksgiving Day Parade