Explain Your Biggest Regrets

What Is Your Biggest Regret



We all have regrets one way or the other during the cause of our lives, there are different kinds of regrets such as regret about loosing loved ones who were so  dear to us, regret about loosing contacts with important friends and school mates, regret about not doing the right thing at the right time, regret about doing the right thing at the wrong time, regret about not fulfilling our life goals and aspirations, regret about our achievements so far, regret about not going after what we want especially when we had it at our finger tips, regrets about our marriage, regret about associating with the wrong friends and acquaintances, regret about not being able to differentiate between a good friend and a bad one,regret about not setting our goals as we should and so on, there are so many things that can bring about regrets but the good thing is that, once we realize where we defaulted we can always correct our selves, This makes us strong and moving on would not be a problem and it also gives room to caution from unnecessary regrets in the future.

my regrets

A friend of mine was telling me of how much regret he had about not being able to show appreciation to his parents for how they raised him, because they are no more, one way or the other we do have people that we love and we hope and assume that they will always be in our lives, but due to unforeseen circumstances beyond us they are there no more or we lose contact with them because we do not realize how valuable they are to us then. many a time we do not know the value of what we have and how precious it is until we lose it, especially if we were in a sweet and loving relationship such as marriage and other kinds of relationship,  Due to our unconsciousness at the time of our relationship, we refuse to recognize its value until after it sleeps out of our hands. some time we regret not paying attention to what our parents thought us as kids and teenagers, but latter realized its value as adults. somebody was talking about going to a place where he would have achieved a lot and fulfill his dreams, but did not go after it when it was necessary to do so.


Errors and mistakes always gives room for corrections and is always a motivator for better life which simple means what ever mistake we did in the past after realization can bring about our success and achievements by learning from the past. because of our regrets from the past we can  always learn from it by:

1. Identifying and checking our weaknesses

2. Using our mistakes as a yardstick for teaching ourselves and for correction

3. Using the privilege as a way of adaptation

4. Trying to focus and improve on whatever we are doing

5. Trying to figure out what we need to appreciate even in times of crisis

6. Trying to improve and check our relationships

7. Accepting blames and moving on



Friendship is a relationship of two people with mutual understanding, care, affection and love coming together, in other words, it is the relationship of trust, faith and concern for each others feelings.  A true friend is always there for you at all times despite all conditions and circumstances, they will always believe in you even if you don’t believe in yourself and they always keep promises.  there are qualities that accrues to a friend.

The qualities that i appreciate most in a friend are :

  • Giving me unconditional love, having great sense of humor and considering me as part of their family.

  • Honesty and willingness to forgive and take chances

  • My friend must not be a liar and selfish

  • A good friend must be loyal and kind.  must be someone that will listen and respond with frequent answers and must have a good heart with intelligence.

  • My friend must be unpretentious and backbiting.

  • A good friend will not hold grudges or take anything i say personally because they know i always have their best interest in mind all the time

  • They are always there especially in times of need and chaos, they are there to advice and worry about you when the need arises.

  • They accept me for who i am without judgement and criticism and are always supportive even if they don’t appreciate what i do.

  • They support me when i am right and they gladly and lovingly tell me when they feel i am wrong.

  • They are not jealous of you, but will be happy at your achievements.