What It Takes To Keep Your Relationship

It takes two to set up a relationship and it takes two to build it and it takes two to keep up and make that relationship work.  When a ship is one-sided it might sink, for a relationship to balance up it needs harmony and a good, loving and long relationship needs love, understanding, perseverance and patience.  Sometimes there maybe crisis like quarrel, but who is right or wrong does not really matter, but what matters is how both parties handle whatever the situation is maturely and how you share your views, ideas and settle your grievances. Nobody ever expect or plan a fight with our partners and loved ones  in a relationship, in most cases it just shows its ugly head and its very painful especially if it was a serious argument or fight.

Love ? I love love love you.

Love ? I love love love you. (Photo credit:

We must learn to understand the gravity on which a relationship stands or established, for every good and loving relationship needs love, understanding, trust, perseverance, endurance and patience, the reason being that two unknown people from different background and different orientation and training decide to come together as one really indicates that there could be conflict because sometimes our opinions may not tally which might lead to little quarrel here and there.  The greatest thing we could do as friends and couples in a relationship are to create room for understanding, endurance and patience especially in times of crisis which I believe is the key to a successful relationship.

what it tkaes to keep a relationship

love and understanding

There are so many factors that need’s consideration when it comes to how to keep your relationship. The major factors that need consideration are:

showing understanding
love and patience
  1. Making sure we have a healthy and loving relationship

  2. Maintain the relationship and make it work

  3. Learn to listen when the other partner expresses their feelings and Try not to hide your feelings from each other

  4. Create an avenue for good conversation especially in times of crisis for every relationship craves for a healthy conversation

  5. Try  enduring and persevere

  6. Try to avoid grudges for more than few hours

  7. Try to work out your differences no matter what

  8. Make sure all ego and emotions  are under control

  9. Know when to say yes or no in most cases

  10. Don’t assume your partner can read your mind or know everything

  11. Avoid picking on each other

  12. Trying to know what each partner likes or does not like and  it is always very helpful and helps in building a wonderful relationship

  13. Both partners must discover the source of arguments and then create or design a way of finding solution to it and sometimes personal discovery of solution to problem could be very helpful

  14. Don’t take what you say to each other personally, especially during the heat of the moment

  15. Learn to say I am sorry when necessary.

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Friendship is a relationship of two people with mutual understanding, care, affection and love coming together, in other words, it is the relationship of trust, faith and concern for each others feelings.  A true friend is always there for you at all times despite all conditions and circumstances, they will always believe in you even if you don’t believe in yourself and they always keep promises.  there are qualities that accrues to a friend.

The qualities that i appreciate most in a friend are :

  • Giving me unconditional love, having great sense of humor and considering me as part of their family.

  • Honesty and willingness to forgive and take chances

  • My friend must not be a liar and selfish

  • A good friend must be loyal and kind.  must be someone that will listen and respond with frequent answers and must have a good heart with intelligence.

  • My friend must be unpretentious and backbiting.

  • A good friend will not hold grudges or take anything i say personally because they know i always have their best interest in mind all the time

  • They are always there especially in times of need and chaos, they are there to advice and worry about you when the need arises.

  • They accept me for who i am without judgement and criticism and are always supportive even if they don’t appreciate what i do.

  • They support me when i am right and they gladly and lovingly tell me when they feel i am wrong.

  • They are not jealous of you, but will be happy at your achievements.