How to be a real and true friend

What Do you Need to Be a True Friend

true friend

True, and real friends are hard to find these days, but they are always there at the corner. When you find one, try your best to keep that friendship, and there are many factors that you need to keep that relationship. 

The quality you need is being a real friend, and the values of a true friend always come from the heart.

Looking out for a good friend is a process, and for you to do so, you need to appreciate and show them the care and love they need all the time, no matter the situation.

Talking about friendship has its price sometimes because some will be by you no matter what, the situation and some will not. What is Important in every friend or relationship you build is that it has no price.

real friend

What qualities do we need as a friend? It depends but overall, what you need is trustworthiness as a true friend, and it includes making a promise and fulfilling it.

If you fail on your promises as a friend, you have some explaining to do.

There are so many things that could make a relationship sour, but being true to your friend, Keeping and fulfilling promises could go a long way, and don’t ever make promises you can not keep. We are humans, and nobody is perfect but make sure you avoid not keeping your words with your friends.

As we all know, being dependable always helps in a relationship because every good friend wants someone they can rely on or count on at all times, and that is why being dependable is what we need. That is one of the true qualities of a true and good friend.


Nobody wants someone who is not reliable especially, as a friend.

There are so many things that Could make you stand out as a true friend, Be happy for your friend at every achievement.

We do make mistakes all the time as humans, so you should apologize when you make a mistake or upset your friend.

Be honest with them in whatever way you can, and be honest about your feelings towards your friend if the situation warrants it, and make them realize what they have done to hurt you without hiding or holding back how you feel.

Honesty is the first key to every good friendship or relationship. Any relationship placed on honesty, truthfulness, love, understanding, care for one another, respect, confidence in one another, and dependability will go a long way.

If your friend tells you something in confidence, keep it and don’t discuss it with anyone else.


Be a good listener, avoid being ahead of your friends when it comes to conversation and when they are passing through hard times, be there for them especially, in times of crisis.

Let us say he has a pet and it ran away, be there for him by trying to help, or if your friend is at the hospital or sick at home, be there for them. Giving good and reliable advice is one duty of a good friend, especially when the situation warrants it without making it mandatory for them to take your advice.

Try being supportive and learn to forgive and forget. There are times when they have their way or attitude, but all you have to do is learn to accept them for what they are.