When Was The Last Time You Felt Really, Truly Lonely?

What is the effect of loneliness

When was the last time you felt really truly lonely? Loneliness is always a devastating situation arising due to different circumstances or problems like the loss of a deer family member, a breakup in a relationship, friends making jest of me in school, and many other cases and situations. Looking at it critically, it has always been painful and disturbing when you don’t feel connected to others. We, as humans, always want friendship, love, and acquaintances.

When Was The Last Time You Felt Really Truly Lonely?

Loneliness signals that an essential basic need is not being met, such as the need to develop a circle of friends, a special relationship, or the need for support. It is always devastating and terrible when you feel the need for warmth, and it’s not there, the need for understanding and support, especially when you have a particular program and you want your family there. The necessity and longing to share your feelings and thoughts with others, but nobody is there to listen to you, can make you really and genuinely lonely. 

Loneliness due to insecurity

Loneliness can also arise due to insecurity, an inferiority complex, the feeling that you are not acceptable and loved by people around you, and the feeling that you have no choice but to be lonely. The last time I felt lonely was when I was far away from my family due to circumstances beyond my control which led to loneliness, and because of this, I had to console myself by getting a dog to keep my company. 

Loneliness has always been a painful and disturbing situation whereby you don’t feel connected to others, especially when you think the essential needs in your life are lacking and you feel some emptiness.

We as humans always need acquaintance, and this brings about the creation of relationships and friendships. Hence, loneliness signals that a critical basic need is not met, such as the need to have a circle of friends or a special relationship.

People need people. If you are lonely, you sometimes need warmth, understanding, and extension to share your feelings and thoughts with others. Loneliness does not necessarily mean being alone. For instance, you can feel lonely when you are in a class with twenty other students, in the middle of a party, at a sports event with hundreds of screaming spectators, or surrounded by family.

When Was The Last Time You Felt Really Truly Lonely?

Can feelings of loneliness lead to depression?

Many experts believe that feelings of loneliness are the first signs of a person becoming depressed. Depression comes with a whole range of symptoms – and one of the most common is feelings of loneliness, sadness, and isolation. Hence, if you’ve been feeling lonely for a while, Paying attention to that is essential. It’s a vital sign that something isn’t right. If you feel lonely a lot, and it’s making you sad, taking action and treating your loneliness is crucial. If you leave your loneliness untreated, it can lead to depression.

The bottom line

Loneliness is a very individual experience. No two people will experience it in the same way. And while loneliness is a prevalent feeling, it’s also manageable and treatable. If you are constantly feeling lonely, it is vital to take action and start doing things that will help you feel less lonely, and better. That can mean making more time for friends and family, reaching out to support networks, or finding ways to make yourself happier. You have the power to overcome loneliness. And with a little bit of effort, you can get there.

What Do You Wear When You Get Home?

when you get home what do you wear

 What should you wear when you get home?

Once you get home from work, the reality of the day’s events hits, and you are already tired and hungry. All you want to do is wait for the remaining hours of the day until it is time to go. Some of us feel like going to a bar or an event somewhere else after work, while some feel like going home to their personal life. When you get home, what outfit are you planning on wearing when you get home? Your house wear may seem unimportant considering the stress of the day’s work, especially as a busy adult.

Basics Are Key

The first thing to remember when dressing at home is that your clothes need be practical and different. You will almost certainly be spending time on the couch, eating, and maybe doing a little bit of cleaning, so your clothes should withstand the toll of everyday life.

It means the clothes you wear at home will fit whatever you want to do at home, and looking nice will help. You can never go wrong with a pair of dark, slim-fit jeans and a nice, clean t-shirt or knit sweater.

It is always better to look casual, relaxed, and fashionable. Don’t be afraid of a white t-shirt if you want to look more casual. 

Be Comfortable

You would wonder what shoes to put on and what clothes to wear when you get home. It all depends on your choice of clothing. If you plan to relax on the couch when you get home, you should go for some house shoes like slippers or flip-flops.

However, if you have plans to go out or visit a friend for a date or something, you will need a pair of shoes that matches your outfit. You can also try something casual like sneakers. Whatever you choose, make sure it fits your look.

Find Color

 What you need when considering your outfit at home is color. When you get home, the color of your clothes should match your mood. Dark colors look formal and suited for your work attire. However, when you are at home, wear a little lighter cloth, such as the color blue, yellow, or pink. These colors are continuously bright and colorful while they remain casual and relaxed.

Bottom Line

Make sure you decide what you are wearing before you get home. Have an outfit ready for each day of the week if you need to. What you wear when you get home is up to you. You have to be comfortable, and you also have to present yourself appropriately and attractively. Notify me what you wear when you get home. Let me know in the comments below. I will love to hear from you!  


7 Reasons To Add Lemons to Your Diet

There’s a saying that if life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade. It takes the slang meaning of lemon – (that of a poor bargain or bad purchase) – and encourages us to transform our bad experiences into an experience as tasty and refreshing as a cool glass of lemonade.

But did you know that by adding lemons to your diet, you can reap some important health benefits? After you read this list, you’ll want to start squeezing lemons onto everything.



Here are 7 Benefits of Adding Lemon to Your Diet:

1. Preventing Infection – Lemons are citrus fruits, and that means they are full of Vitamin C. This vitamin helps to boost our immune systems and can help wounds heal more quickly. (1) Our bodies don’t produce Vitamin C by themselves, so it needs help from citrus fruits like lemons. (1)

2. Remove Toxins – Lemons can flush out toxins like uric acid (the toxin which causes gout.) (1) Lemons travel through the liver to rid us of those harmful substances. Lemons also contain potassium which prevents constipation and relieves headaches. (1)_It can also help people who have a poor appetite. (1)

3. Help Circulation – Lemons help the blood vessels to become stronger. The blood will then be able to pump more effectively to all the parts of the body. (1) Lemons also decrease the risk of getting cramps or muscle cramps. (1)

4. Quicker Weight Loss – Lemons slow down the process by which our bodies utilize carbohydrates. But lemons also speed up your metabolism, because they contain trace amounts of pectin. This helps your unwanted pounds to disappear more easily. (1)

5. Reduced Risk of Cancer – Even though lemons have an acid taste on our tongues when they pass through the digestive system they are very alkaline. Lemons prefer an acidic environment, so with enough lemons, the cancer cells cannot thrive.

6. Fresher Breath – If you worry about “morning breath” and you’re having problems brushing it away, you should drink a few teaspoons of lemon juice each day. When you do, you will be pleased to find your breath becomes much sweeter. But go easy on that lemon juice, because too much of it can break down the enamel of your teeth. (1)

7. Better Bone Strength – The potassium found in lemons bonds together with calcium to make strong bones. (1) it also keeps the calcium from breaking down too easily when our bones get older. (1)

As you can see, lemons aren’t just something that puckers up your lips or makes furniture cleaner. By adding a few lemons to your diet, you will find yourself to be much healthier.

“7 Reasons to Add More Lemons To Your Diet” posted on Healthier Patriot on 8/31/2020



Most efficient fat burning foods

Many dieters want a fast and effective solution to their weight loss needs. They can eat right and gain the best results in no time. The experience is changing the lives of a lot of people so far. That effort pays off fast and that is surely an asset to them. Think about the most efficient fat burning foods and make progress. That is a great concept and might help the people. Lose weight and see results in a short amount of time too.




Many vegetables are purported to help people lose weight. But celery does contain certain minerals that are key. The low caloric count is bound to help the dieting process begin. Top the celery with yogurt or peanut butter. That is a healthy option and people enjoy the taste. It makes for the perfect snack, appealing to anyone who is on the go. The parents and kids will both enjoy the crunch of fresh celery stalks as well.


Many people have dabbled in yogurt and that tastes good. Yogurt is a popular condiment and that is superb. It goes with a number of different foods and does enrich the body. Add a dose of calcium and enjoy the fresh taste of it. Yogurt is going to fit right in with any diet the people want to try. The yogurt is plentiful and can be found in the supermarket today. Enjoy the cool taste and the fat free content of it as well.

Lean Chicken:

Chicken is great for dieting because it has lean protein in it. Chicken breasts and drum sticks can be eaten on the go. The chicken cuts are perfect because they can be made in to a meal. Broil the chicken or bake it in the microwave for good results. Chicken is a lean protein source, which is perfect for many body builders. The fitness fanatics will make good use out of the chicken.


Some vegetarians turn to tofu to find another source of lean protein. Most dieters swear by the tofu because it is lean and rich. Dice the tofu and sear it in the pan for some good results. Then the tofu can be mixed in to a leafy green dish. Prepare a salad and then top the cooked tofu in with it. That is exactly why most fitness leaders trust the tofu. Many supermarkets want the tofu shelved.


Best Fruits For Weight Loss

11 Fruits For Fast and Effective Weight Loss

It’s a widespread misconception that you can’t enjoy meals while trying to lose weight. They believe that most of the food they must eat in their diet lacks flavor and is otherwise bland. When talking about diet programs and what types of food to include in your diet, it is best not to leave the fruits out!






Vitamin C and fiber are both abundant in grapefruit. According to studies, consuming grapefruit 30 minutes before a meal will make you feel fuller and thus discourage overeating.



It contains a lot of arginine, an amino acid that promotes fat burning in the body. Watermelon also hydrates you and gives you a sensation of fullness. There are extremely few calories in watermelon.



A busy person aiming to lose weight will appreciate that bananas, packed with potassium and fiber, make the perfect on-the-go snack.



One of the foods with the highest antioxidant content is blueberries. Research demonstrates that blueberries can combat fat cells and help control cholesterol and obesity.



The glycemic index of guava fruits is low. Therefore, consuming guava will prevent you from getting a “sugar crush” later. Guavas have few calories and are also high in fiber. This fruit can help you in keeping a healthy gastrointestinal tract.



A typical pear has 5.5 grams of fiber or more than 25% of your recommended daily intake. You can maintain a healthy digestive system by eating fiber. Additionally, fiber improves the absorption of vitamins and minerals.



The amount of fiber in kiwis is very high. The seeds provide a sufficient amount of fiber and support the health of your digestive system.



Antioxidants in tomatoes help your body combat water retention, leading to rapid weight loss. Tomatoes also aid in the struggle against leptin resistance.



Apples are a healthy snack you should include in your diet if you’re on a weight loss program. Apples are rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals and low in calories.



The beneficial fats found in avocados are abundant and vital for your body. Along with essential nutrients and vitamins, they are also high in fiber and potassium. Avocados are recognized as a superfood with numerous health advantages for the body, including assistance with losing weight.



Strawberries should be a staple snack in any diet that aims to lose weight. Despite being high in vitamins and antioxidants, strawberries are low in calories. Strawberries are excellent for the immune system, eyes, and heart when consumed consistently.


8 Key Minerals Essential for Boosting Immunity

Minerals are the essential nutrients for your body to function. Minerals are needed for the production of bone and teeth, maintenance of cell membranes, transmission of nerve impulses, making protein hormones and enzymes, aid in digestion and absorption of nutrients. In this article I will be discussing some key minerals that are important for your health which can be obtained by eating a healthy diet. The following are Key minerals for health;





This mineral is found in the teeth and bones. Calcium strengthens your bones, aids in muscle contraction and blood clotting. It is also used for making blood vessels and heart muscles.


It helps to boost bone growth, maintains the nervous system, regulates heart rhythm and muscle contractions among other things. This mineral can be obtained from foods such as lentils, almonds and whole grains.


This mineral is found in red blood cells and is required by the brain to provide energy. It also aids in detoxification, metabolism, DNA production and formation of proteins, enzymes and other compounds. Iron deficiency can lead to anemia, while too much iron can lead to an overgrowth of bacteria in the gut.


Phosphorus is important in bone growth, the maintenance of cells and the production of energy. It is found in most dairy products and meats, including fish. It is also found in the salt and cereals.


It is needed to maintain healthy production of red blood cells, thyroid hormones and the immune system. It can be found in fish, liver and beans, as well as nuts. It is also found in Brazil nuts.


Potassium is an electrolyte (an electrically charged atom or molecule) that is essential for the body to function properly. It helps to balance fluids and maintain proper muscle functioning. Potassium can be obtained from most fruits and vegetables such as bananas, oranges and potatoes.


Zinc plays a role in many important bodily functions such as enzyme production, DNA synthesis, cell growth/division, wound healing and immune function as well as regulating insulin levels. It can be found in meat and fish but the best source is shellfish which have one of the highest zinc concentrations among foods. Zinc deficiency can lead to reduced appetite, growth retardation in children and lowered immunity.


This mineral is also known as salt and is important for the transmission of nerve impulses, the contraction and expansion of muscles, it maintains blood pressure as well as aids in digestion. Salt is found in processed foods such as bread and cold meats.


15 Foods Rich in Calcium

Calcium is the main component that is responsible for our bones. From being a newborn up to becoming a senior, Calcium is the most needed element that is responsible for the strength and structure of bones, teeth, and spine. As we all know, Milk is the most popular food that has a rich Calcium content. The following 15 foods are also a great source of calcium content.



Milk’s protein produces cheese. That is why cheese has a calcium content two times higher than milk. Parmesan cheese has a great amount of calcium with less lactose compared to milk.

Unsweetened Yogurt

Yogurt is a great option for those who are allergic to cow’s milk protein. Yogurt is mainly made from fermented milk. Aside from high Calcium, it also contains good bacteria and microbes that aid the digestive system.


Chia seeds, black and white sesame seeds, and flax seeds are great sources of Calcium. It contains calcium 8 times more than what you can get from cow’s milk. It can be used as toppings on your favorite snacks.


Aside from having great protein and fats, sardines also have a great Calcium content. These sardine products are affordable and easy to find in groceries.


While enjoying the crispiness and crunchiness of almonds, you are also enjoying its great Calcium. It contains more amount of calcium compared to Milk. Another good thing about Almonds is that they slow down Alzheimer’s onset.


Red, black, white beans – these are legumes. Other classifications are lentils, green peas, and betel nuts. Legumes are rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals, also as Calcium.


Who would have thought that this purplish-red stem contains a great amount of calcium? It may have a sour taste when cooked but it is rich in vitamin K and Calcium.


Figs contain a great number of antioxidants, fiber, and Calcium. Dried figs can make a healthy and fun snack yet they should be eaten in moderation.

Whey Protein

Whey protein contains lots of Calcium content, amino acids, and proteins. Aside from its calcium being a major aid for bones, its Protein content aids one’s muscles. The perfect combination of protein and calcium makes a person lose weight and gain muscle and strong bones.


Tofu contains high protein content, high calcium, and low fat. Tofu can be eaten stir-fried and it can be mixed with other delicious recipes.

Green Leafy Vegetables

Leafy vegetables such as betel leaf, kale, cassia, and gourd are high in Calcium. This is a great add-on to one’s diet, especially for seniors.


Kids love to eat cereals boosted with a glass of delicious calcium-rich milk. Cereals have a great fiber content from a variety of grains.

Amaranth Spinach Seeds

The tiny seeds of Amaranth Spinach have lots of protein and calcium. Its calcium content in the Amaranth Spinach Seeds is 4 times greater than the spinach leaves.

Non-Dairy Drinks

Aside from Cow’s milk, some beverages contain tons of Calcium content. These are Almond Milk, Nut Milk, and even freshly-squeezed orange juice.


Molasses can be a great alternative to white sugar. It is aromatic and rich in Calcium.


Best fruits for fast weight loss

Fruits are rich in nutrients and low in calories. They are also delicious, which can help with weight loss efforts. However, not all fruits are made equal. Some fruits have more food for their fuel than others, so they require more calories to digest and break down your body’s cells. Others power the body much faster than other fruits do, which allows you to use the energy more quickly and efficiently. The following are best fruits for fast weight loss;



This red fruit is sweet and delicious. Strawberries are an excellent source of vitamin C and antioxidants, which may help to lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure. The fiber in strawberries can help to prevent heart disease and may also reduce the risk of some cancers. They are also a source of potassium, which can help to regulate blood pressure levels and aid in muscle contraction.

2. Apples

This fruit is sweet and crunchy. Apples contain the antioxidant quercetin and the soluble fiber pectin, which can help to prevent blood clots. They are also an excellent source of potassium, which can prevent shortness of breath, light-headedness, or fainting in people with low blood pressure.

3. Avocados

This fruit is a little more on the fattening side, but it is an excellent way to add nutrition to meals. Avocados are filled with fiber and healthy fats, which can help keep cholesterol levels down. They also have vitamin K, which can prevent cancer and osteoporosis. The potassium in avocados can lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease. Avocados also contain monounsaturated fat, which may help to prevent coronary artery disease.

4. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are high in lycopene, an antioxidant that can help to prevent cancer and keep the skin healthy. They are also an excellent source of vitamin C and manganese, which can help to lower bad cholesterol. Tomatoes contain lycopene, a good-for-you form of beta-carotene and vitamin E, which can improve memory and brain function.


Another fruit that has fiber and a monounsaturated fat, the kiwi fruit is low in calories, but quite delicious. Kiwis are high in vitamin C and antioxidants, which help to reduce the risk of certain cancers. The fiber in kiwi can also promote good bowel health and prevent cholesterol from becoming hard.


This fruit is high in fiber and can be consumed without dietary restrictions. The fiber in guava can help to reduce blood cholesterol levels, which can help prevent heart disease. Guava also has a monounsaturated fat, which may help to prevent the artery lining from getting stiff and narrow.


These small, round fruits are delicious and blue in color. Blueberries are high in vitamins C and K, which can keep the body fit and strong. The antioxidants in blueberries can also help to prevent cancer. Blueberries have a soluble fiber called pectin, which has been shown to reduce cholesterol levels and lower the risk of heart disease.


10 Immune Boosting Foods


10 Immune Boosting Foods

It may seem simple that you need a strong immune system to live well. But you have to make use of abundant nutrients in natural meals. Here, you can learn about some of them and enjoy their delicious taste and health benefits.


1. Citrus Fruits

Emergen-C drinks are a popular home treatment as it’s rich in vitamin C. Boosting the immune system doesn’t need pills or energy drinks. Raw vitamin C is excellent, such as from citrus fruits (e.g. lemons and oranges).


2. Button Mushrooms

Button mushrooms contain niacin and riboflavin, which improve your immune system. It also has selenium, a nutrient your body can’t make and must obtain from food.


3. Red Bell Peppers

This food is vitamin C-rich like citrus fruits. They’re high in beta carotene, making them immune-boosting.


4. Garlic

Your immune system will be stronger and better prepared for the future if you eat garlic regularly, as it is ideal for battling various medical conditions. The active component in garlic, called allicin, is responsible for its beneficial effects.


5. Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes are full of beta-carotene. This element turns to vitamin A and boosts immunity.


6. Spinach 

Spinach is full of antioxidants, vitamin C, and beta-carotene, which all help your immune system. To get the most benefits from it, you should eat it raw.


7. Chickpeas

You might already know that chickpeas have a lot of fiber and protein. But did you know that they have a lot of zinc in them? It regulates and strengthens immunological function.


8. Elderberry 

Elderberries are a tasty food that is full of nutrients, including antioxidants. Elderberry can stop harmful substances from getting into your body, which makes it good for your immune system.


9. Acai Berry 

The anthocyanins, which give acai berries their dark hue, are a kind of nutrient. While its effects on immunity remain unknown, the antioxidants it contains are an addition to anybody serious about staying fit and healthy.


10. Watermelon

Not only does this fruit have a unique taste, but it is also full of antioxidants called glutathione, which make your immune system work better. Eat the red part near the rind to get the most health benefits from the watermelon.



Try to eat as many healthy foods as you can. The more healthy food you eat, the more unhealthy microbes you can fight off. Plus, they strengthen the immune system, which can help you prepare for future health problems.


9 Foods that can boost immunity

 Immune system is a very important part of a human body that helps to protect your body from infection. A person’s immune system can be strengthened by eating certain foods. Some of the best foods which help strengthen the immune system are garlic, ginger, green vegetables, onions and turmeric. These foods help in improving the immunity of a person by killing bacteria and boosting red blood cells. The following are 9 Foods that can boost immunity and fight cancer;



This type of fatty acids are found in all plants and animals, including humans, and help to keep us feeling full for a longer time. These sterols have been linked to lower risks of cardiovascular disease as well as cancer.


This type of pigment found in green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale and carrots provides a host of health benefits including boosting the immune system and helping to prevent cancer. Some of the best sources of these nutrients include sweet potatoes, lemon juice and carrots.


This type of phytonutrient, which naturally occurs in some plants and is added to many others as a preservative or color enhancer, has been shown to have anti-cancer properties. This substance has been linked to cancer prevention and immune boosting in the body and has been shown to be effective against leukemia, skin cancers and pancreatic cancer.

4.Protease Inhibitors

This type of phytonutrients has a variety of health benefits including protecting against leukemia and skin cancers, along with strengthening the immune system. Some of the best sources include beans, cabbage, cauliflower and watermelon.


Found in soybeans, these phytonutrients have been shown to help prevent breast cancer. These compounds have also been linked with fighting off the chances of developing lymphoma and prostate cancer.


These phytonutrients, another type of essential oil, are known for their ability to fight cancer. Some of the best sources include oregano and eucalyptus.


A potent antioxidant that is effective in protecting against a variety of cancers, indoles have been shown to be particularly effective against colon and prostate cancers. Some of the best sources include cabbage, broccoli and Brussel sprouts.


A type of antioxidant found in fruits and vegetables, quinones are effective in protecting against cancer. The more compounds that are present, the better this antioxidant is at fighting off cancer. Some of the best sources include apples, blueberries and tomatoes.


A type of phytonutrient found in flaxseeds, these compounds have been linked to prostate cancer prevention and may also help with blood sugar control. Some of the best sources include whole flaxseeds, walnuts and oats.