The Best Advice You Can Get For Breakup

Breakup – Best Advice You Can Get

There are so many breakup advice out there and sometimes you get confused and you don’t even know what to do or what not to do. I am sure you still feel for your ex and your heart is still attached to your ex.  No matter what you do or what the situation is, what you want is getting your ex back because you are still in love.. I have been where you are now and I know what it feels like to go without sleep, to lose your appetite and be lonely and sometimes you cannot stand your feelings. It is good sometimes to have an experienced friend to point you in the right direction and not a friend that will urge you to move on and feed you with lies instead of advising you to get your ex back. I want your happiness and getting your ex back is the best thing to do in the present situation and that is the only way happiness can come your way and that is the fact.



The best recommendation i can give to a friend is for you to hold on to your love and if you still love your ex try to settle your differences. Don’t be discouraged  about your situation but know that the love that you once shared is still there and will not go away and for sure the love will come back as long as your ex still loves you as you do. From my point of view, if your ex ever told you how much they love you before, then you are just experiencing an issue where things are out of balance. Probably grossly out of balance, preferably, i will suggest you wait for some times till you both settle and get things in place and with time that love will surely come back to you. It is not advisable to Move on to another relationship at this point, doing so may jeopardize the reconciliation process and this might be a huge mistake for both of you if caution is not taken.


There will always be advice about moving on and forgetting about getting your ex  back and can make life even more complicating and this could be painful if care is not taken. Surely, having someone pay attention to you can boost your ego and that’s fine but trying to get into a relationship at this point could be very disastrous. How would you feel breaking up a relationship when you find out that you can’t stop loving your ex and you want your ex back, so the best key to your problem is patience. Breaking the heart of an innocent person is definitely not what you want..

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