This morning I was enjoying breakfast with a dear friend . Our time was interrupted by a phone call and a message that my wife’s mother had suffered a stroke and was in the hospital. I hurriedly made my way to the hospital to be at her side with other family members. She is doing well and even at this writing, the doctors are doing an MRI assessment on her condition, I had the privilege to look into her eyes and agree with her in faith for healing and recovery.  We believed for the peace that passes understanding to come over her.

This event troubled my heart. But, it also stirred me to greater faith . We carry on through life’s challenges with little thought for the presence of peace. “And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding,Often, I have settled for the peace that matches my level of understanding, or that comes close to answering my “Why”. I tend to look for the cause, for the reason for the pain; rationalizing for the solution; hoping for the end of this suffering.


Peace! (Photo credit: aldrin_muya)

I value that understanding comes from knowledge, Yet  our understanding falls short. Many times the cause has nothing to do with you or what you have done or could do. There are times when there is no earthly reason for the pain. It just is.  If you find yourself dealing with your life’s challenges, and peace seems to be missing, don’t settle, Don’t accept or seek peace through logical explainable reasoning. That’s not peace at all. Rather  be non-anxious, be thankful and stay connected!

This is the understanding that brings peace!

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