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creativity is a special gift endowed by nature to all and in different forms but the uniqueness of it all is that some people have more special  gift than others and most times the zeal to push and know more motivated through curiosity, leads to something good which sometimes could be inventions of various kinds.

creativity of electric bulb

The truly creative mind in any field is a human nature born normally or abnormally and humanly sensitive to anything that is of interest to him or her. to him touch could be a blow and a sound could be a noise.  misfortune a tragedy, joy an ecstasy. some are more creative in music and dance like the great legend(Michael Jackson) while some are good poets and some great scientists and mathematician e.t.c,  What is so special is that everybody can’t have the same gift at the same time. It’s almost like the book i read in my literature classes ANIMAL FARM: It has a quote that says ” all animals are equal but some are more equal than the others” but i will say “We are all blessed with special gifts, but we are  gifted differently” and this creativity is all about human nature and talent.

Michael Jackson performing The Way You Make Me Feel in 1988 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I used to know a small boy who has the creative mind of looking for spoilt electronics in the house and creating lamps with special lights from it by taking out some diodes from the electronics and i used to wonder how a small boy with little education or training should have such knowledge.  Talking about creativity, it falls to our area of interest and what we want to share  and this is a natural course which happens to everybody, its like an inner fire which radiates in us  and leads to something of good and benefit to all.  Just like our great inventors who created electricity,airplanes and other inventions.

Creativity sometimes takes courage, the great enemy of creativity is a good sense and sometimes you make mistakes, to discover you are a genius after making corrections. Lots of times it takes a genius to make people laugh, to write the best script, be a great poet, be a great musician and choreographer, a programmer who is quick in codes and mathematics, a great scientist  who makes inventions, this are gift which are individually owned but not harnessed by all.

creative painting

In every creative mind, there is a vitality, life force, some kind of energy, a quickness(as lightning) that translates through you into a comprehensive action and for the fact that there is only one of you and no other at that point, this makes you  unique and if blocked or controlled without materialization, it will never exist through any other person and will be lost, therefore encouragement for what we do and what we have the zeal of doing is very necessary especially by friends and family.

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