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Dog aggression


Dog Behavior Problems


Dog aggression has its foundation and there are different reasons that could lead to a dogs aggression.  Aggression is a normal or abnormal threat or challenge that happens as a result of combat or submission by our dog and it is a very common behavioral problems with dogs especially in companion dogs.  There are different types of aggression which includes fear, domination, inter-dog, territorial/protection, food-related e.t.c.  Aggression can occur to any dog irrespective of age or gender  and most times it happens due to fear,food,domination and other known reasons. As we all know aggression is destructive and dangerous.  There are different forms to aggression and there are different reasons for its occurrence.  There are common signs that you see with an aggressive dog and these include:

1. biting

2. Growling

3. Snarling

4. Curling lips

5. Barking

6. Snapping

7. Head and Tail up with A stare

8. head and Tail down with a withdrawn body

9. Tail Waving Frantically

10. Posturing And Lunging

on leash and aggressive

Sometimes we might wonder at the causes of dog aggression, Some dogs are naturally aggressive but some dogs are aggressively trained way by the owners , normally dog aggression is part of the normal range of canine behavior, but in many cases it is generally influenced by the breed of the dog, sex, personal behavior,genetics and other reasons.  there are other factors for aggression which is not very common which is medical related and this could be due to pain. many a time most dogs do not become aggressive on their own but due to training or upbringing. The better way of curbing aggression is by getting a good and skilled trainer that will stop the aggression through some better techniques.  Head halter and harnesses is very useful in controlling dominant dogs. Consistency, kindness and predictability in managing aggression is critical. No matter what you do, harsh punishment or any form of punishment will not help in any way, so  try to avoid it because if you don’t it can lead to the dog being more aggressive.

Calm Dog

There are ways to stop aggression in dogs:

  • Take your dog on a walk: Keep your dog on-leash and keep the leash short, so that you have total control over the dog.

  • If you see people with or without a dog approaching: Move your dog to one side of the sidewalk, keeping him as far away from the other dog as possible

  • As the dogs and people approach, watch your dog very closely for signs of aggression: If your dog looks at the person or dog coming with a death stare, give a quick tug at the leash.

  • If your dog tries to attack, give the dog a quick snap back with the leash Tell him to sit down and this is tells your dog that being calm is good and that attacking others is bad.

  • Repeat:  Repeat the same process every time a person and dog walks by your dog.

  • Reward your dog!: When your dog is able to calm down and resist the urge to attack other dogs, you can reward him with a treat, or by petting your dog by saying “Good girl or good boy”, etc. This passes a message to your dog that being calm is a good thing

  • Whenever you think that your dog is able to calm down, make a meeting between your dog and another dog.

  • Introduce your dog to adults, teenagers, or a child so that they get used to people, they need to sociable

  • Have a role model for your dog!: If your dog doesn’t know how to calm, create a scenario for your dog. Have two calm dogs meet each other and make your dog watch how they greet each other calmly by sniffing each other instead of attacking. Do the same with a calm dog and a person. This is a good way to show your dog what  is a good attitude.