What Changes Would You Like Your Blog To Make In The World!?

Changes In The World By Your Blog!

Our thought and perceptions about changing the world are of various kinds and we individually change the world in our own different ways, some do through music and entertainment like The XFactor, The Voice and American idol, drama, films, teaching and other ways and We try to express our feelings, ideas and expressions for the benefit of others by blogging and letting it all out. As we all know, a Blog could be a special instrument that gives you the privilege of sharing your ideas and feelings and perceptions to the benefit of humanity.  People have different purposes and reasons to writing blogs but the greatest purpose of writing blogs is to create a good impact in the lives of other people. Blog writes simply means conveying an idea or an experience about an incident in your life now or in the past and we want the people reading to gain something and to apply some of the principle of that idea, experience to their different daily lives.

Winner of season 3 of American Idol, Fantasia ...

Winner of season 3 of American Idol, Fantasia Barrino. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The world is a big but small place and we all want to make changes to it with our different ideas and perceptions one way or the other and I would like my blog to change the thought level and perception of some people about certain issues in their lives and I would also want some people to realize how useful and reliable their lives could be no matter what circumstance or situation they may find themselves.

Blog of the day once again

Blog of the day once again (Photo credit: the Italian voice)

The creative step to blogging is to make a good impact in the lives of others through your experience and thoughts and by learning what they know and do not know. Looking at the misunderstanding and hatred that exist in the world today, I would like my blog to bridge the gap and bring about understanding and love among people.  There are lots of researchers, students and teachers out there who are looking for information to enhance their work and different projects, so I would like my blog be the center point of ideas for this purpose, Some people are sad due to one reason or the other but I would like for them is happiness by reading my blog, I want people to have confidence and trust in themselves about making the right choices in their lives. I would love to unite the world in a way they do not expect through my blog.

Cover of "The Lives of Others"

Cover of The Lives of Others

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Being humans that we are , we all do have history and experiences from the past right from when we were born till now, we all do have different phases to life and the circumstances that call for this are of different kinds but, one way or the other we do have our different life experiences and some are good and wonderful, some are mild and some are very bad, that its difficult to forget and some of us hold unto this past experiences and wallow in them and we allow it to affect the present life in which we live in, thereby holding grudges with the past. Experience as they say, is a good and probably the best teacher, it is a special cane which makes you learn and use the incident that brought about that experience as a tool for caution and a tool for bringing awareness to others, for them to know what life is all about and som people express this experiences in different ways through movies,music,comedy and other means of communications.

reacting with experience
Reacting with experiences

Life is full of challenges and sometimes its good to have them because they are lessons of life which carry us along, but some people hold unto this and refuse to let go and use it as a yardstick to vindicate other people who come across their part, especially someone who has been in a very bad relationship and having come out of it, most times have the thought that all are bad, just like some women will say men are bad because of what she went through in her last or previous  relationships, forgetting that everybody is not and can never be the same, for the fact that you had bad experience with the previous person is not a criteria for same experience with your new acquaintance the reason being that our upbringing, orientation, background and ways we were individually brought up has never been and will never be the same which brings about changes in people and character differences.

Out of body experience

Whatever life has presented in the past either good or bad should never be a yardstick for reaction towards the present  negatively or towards whomever we come across in the future, for life has to continue. we should use our experiences as a lesson or means of caution for future occurrences. we should focus on the present  and the future  and hope for better life and not keep feeling bad about what happened months and  years ago and letting it affect our new friends and acquaintances or whomever we are dealing with.

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