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Black friday shopping


Black Friday is a good and special day to buy basic TV set and another kind of electronics like laptops, mp3 and other products of interest. This is a special day almost like the day when the children of Israel go up to Jerusalem to worship the lord, it is special and significant because a lot of people look forward to it and they already have a plan set for that day, months or weeks before that day, black Friday is very exciting due to the cost of buying things at a low price and this causes eagerness and anxiety for that special day to come and this makes it possible for some people to create a game plan for that day and some go into the habit of finding out when the deals start and when they are expiring, The whole excitement is about saving money to buy things at a cheap rate instead of buying at exorbitant-price which is regular price, part of the excitement is people going out on a queue for hours waiting for the doors of stores to open for them to start shopping. Some people set up their alerts so that they will know when the store opens so they will not miss out on the deal.

English: DC USA, Best Buy, Black Friday
English: DC USA, Best Buy, Black Friday (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The good thing about this whole episode is that a lot of people are ready to take the risk of staying being in the cold queuing to get what they want and some make a game plan by setting alarms like Google alerts and other alarms so that the deal won’t pass them. Some start looking for flyers as soon as they come out so they can decide exactly what they would love to buy and these are all courageous moves for this special program, Despite that the consumers know they can get these products at other seasons, they prefer the black Friday auction because they believe it’s cheaper and better for them.

English: DC USA, Bed Bath & Beyond, Black Friday
English: DC USA, Bed Bath & Beyond, Black Friday (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Everyone likes getting a good deal, but looking at it critically, is it worth sitting out in a freezing temperature and fighting sleep-deprived crowds for  getting a discounted TV or other goods on Black Friday?, Although there are a few deal-finding tricks and ways that will allow you to forget about any other thing, but enjoy Black Friday savings. I think it is better sitting up at night at home, in your comfortable chair, watching TV instead of standing in a line in the cold. One of the great achievement that goes with black Friday is the honor and pleasure of buying Toys for the young ones during this holiday shopping season at a discounted price. Is it worth staying for hours on end in the cold just for the sake of buying something we want even if it takes some sacrifice?

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