What Would Life Be Like Without A computer

Life without A computer

In those days the other of the day was getting glued to the television which still happens till date but the advent of the computer made life much easier  and comfortable for everybody, it was a little difficult the first time because the common man could not have access to computer except companies because the computers were all large like the main frame and other computers like collosus which was used to break enigma codes and the manchester small scale experimental machine also known as baby which was the worlds first stored program computer, It was not easy for the common man to have access to computers then because of the cost of running it and the volume of the computers, but the invention of personal computers made life an easier and better place for everyone because of its usefulness and its value to the society at large in many different ways , both for the young and the old and everybody alike and to crown it all, the internet elevated its value in all ways because of the processes and the usefulness of the computer and the internet

The one interesting thing about the computer is that, it helps everybody to improve in their different aspects of life, no matter what you do there is a place for you in the computer world, the young, the old and everybody at large.  The good thing is that people who were not used to computers, want to be part of it especially with the age of social media and other activities.  It makes life so easy that it is useful for students,business men, computer professionals, people of different life style and the thing about the computer age is that  all institutions, banks, markets, individuals all use computer for different purposes, some people use it for buying and selling,some for games and some just browse the computer through social media like twitter and facebook and others use it for educational purposes. there are forums for discussion, with computers and internet you can get in touch with old friends, school mates and forgotten and lost acquaintances.

how will life be like without the computers, it will be terrible and devastating, it’s almost like when you deep your finger in honey and putting it in the mouth of a baby and the baby licking his or her lips indicates that it is sweet and want more. Refusing to give more to that baby would be terrible, so also is the computer and its usefulness, so without the computer life wont be as interesting as it is now irrespective of age. as a matter of fact, it has its setback but  its advantage is more. kids get busy with school work on the computer, games and other activities and adults use it for their work, for studying, business online and other interesting activities online.