Facebook Timeline: A Powerful Tool for Brands

It is a great thing now that Facebook Timeline has brands as part of its features, there are different opportunities for companies to refresh there social media protocol. Let’s talk more about it. Now that Facebook Timeline for pages is active, what does it really mean for your brands? absolute control and the chance to boost engagement with your fans and it also involves a lot of hard work. There are lots of new features that came with this timeline for pages and this became available when Facebook gave every page all over the world the privilege of upgrading Timeline redesign. for it to help our business, here is what to do.

facebook engancha
facebook engancha (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Brands can look in on the new features. Try to go over the Timeline new features to get familiar with them, checking on them is very important before executing any project.  There are some important changes and it includes a new layout with cover photo that highlights features and intension of not moving to another page with the ability to update and edit. Timeline is automatically live for all brand pages.

Timeline makes life easier for people by going through the info section, photo, apps and map to the beginning of the page in a clear navigation bar. Some people believe that it could also be a downfall for companies that do not grow at giving out engaging content or brand with all kinds of operations compared to those that define themselves under one entity.

coca cola uses special design to make a strong impression on visitors

Cover photo potential

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