My day job and my passion

What is my day job and What is my passion

My day job is what I take interest in doing and want to do my best at, but my passion is what I love with my whole heart and want to do all that i can to develop and grow it, there are times we have a job we don’t like but we still do it out of necessity to live and sustain ourselves and our family and on the other hand we always have the zeal and passion for one thing or the other, but it is always a good thing to do that which we have passion for at all times, take for instance I love blogging which is my passion and being a full-time blogger is what i am targeting  and i am trying my best to meet up with  that goal, but my passion supersedes every other thing, which is why I keep blogging still hoping for the best. I am still looking for that freedom of doing what I love full-time without any stress.


There are so many things we can do for our dreams to come true, even if we don’t like what we do , we can use what we don’t like which is our work as  an avenue for funding that which we want and love which is our passion, which with hard work and a lot of effort will generate good result if properly harnessed. We all have passion for all kinds of things and different purposes, but many of us do not like our day job as much as what we have passion for.


I love expressing myself  by blogging to the benefit of all and to make others learn from my little experience and shearing my ideas with like-minded people and everybody interested in reading my blog, now let talk about you, what are your passions and does it in any way stand in the way of your passion?, no matter what your passion is try your best to make yourself happy by doing what you love and not what you have to do because you have to do it.


It’s very unfortunate if you dislike the job you do and feel uncomfortable doing  it, which is very understandable, even though its a job you have no passion about, especially working with some people whom you don’t ever wish to work with, but the truth is you have to keep appreciating what you do now and can be used as an instrument for getting you to where your passion is.