how to make relationships work

Making relationships work

How do we make relationships work?, hmmm! it takes the grace of God and a lot of good notion including patience understand and perseverance and most relationship have stress and crisis, so making sacrifice for that relationship will go a along way, but it is always worth the while if properly applied, there are so many information, prompts and advice out there and sometimes they could be reliable and sometimes it is not worth accepting because they look like junk automatically means it is not a good advice and it is not worth reading because they are most times contradicting and confusing. The unfortunate thing is that most information given is one-sided and   does not apply to everybody because of the fact that different problems needs different solutions and i am being brief about what advice I can give about making a relationship work. There are some elements of truth about stability in a good relationship.  Some factors that make relationships work are:
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relationship built on trust

built on trust

  • Trust: A good, healthy and loving relationship relies on trust and faith in whomever you are dealing with which includes marriages and others, for without trust, chaos, confusion and pestilence will arise in that relationship and from a layman’s point of view, a relationship without trust is like telephone without service, which is almost like a relationship without a good foundation.  lack of trust can lead to you checking on him all the time believing in what you imagine which could be baseless. lets say he is away on a conference, you are there worried about what he or she is doing and who they are with and all kinds of thought will be flowing through your mind.  Unnecessary insecurities due to lack of trust will lead to constant quarrel and commotions at home which if looked critically could end up driving both of you apart instead of getting close. I get it, there has been a bad experience about a past relationship. but we need to forget about our past and move on or else you will have trust issue in your relationship which you need to avoid.
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  • communication : Do you communicate with your partner at all? some people have problem expressing their feelings and what they think with their friend and partner, but why? of what value is that relationship when there is no room for proper communication. Lack of communication with your partner is a big problem. It is in your best interest to tell him your opinion, then you can both solve whatever problem you may have and it will create room for understanding which is always the case with communicating to each other and not keeping quiet. improper communication might lead to survival problems in that relationship. There are some factors that needs consideration when communicating and these includes respect and talking calmly and reasonably to each other and this could be a better solution to all problems which will call for understand and therefore solution.


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  • Love: There is that saying which says “love conquers them all”.  It is the major reason which brings two people together anyways and sometimes some people decide to get together and live together even if they don’t love each other and its an incredible situation and with time they may fall in love with each other and this love situation will help in solving most problems, no matter how tough and if both parties fall apart that same love that brought them together the first time will always bring them back.  For peace, understanding and love to reign in any relationship you must learn to:
  1. Understand your partner at all cost
  2. Give love honor and respect to each other
  3. Try creating moment for connection and communication
  4. Learn to share things in common
  5. Cope with situations and problems wisely and strategically no matter how tough
  6. Learn to dialogue as much as you can





Starting A Blog

How Do I Start A Blog

There are questions asked by a lot of people about what you need to get started  making a profitable blog. The answer is nothing,  Now if you want higher returns and if you have the money to spend, the answer to “what you need to get started as a blogger” might be several hundred dollars to invest in tools that could take you to the top in no time.

how to start a blog
Start A blog

Starting a blog takes some process and there are important tools needed to make your blog outstanding and One of the most important things you will need to get started is keyword research tool or a form of database. Currently, there are dozens of these tools on the market, which are of different prices and it ranges from free to around $500. One of the most important tool on the market is Google keyword planner, Word Tracker, which offers a limited trial version for free? or a fully functional version per day or per month  and it will allow you to find out the most profitable keyword and will make search supply and rating demand possible.

starting a blog
how to blog

When it comes to starting a blog, there are always answers to what you need to get started apart from a keyword phrase tool, but every question will always depend on the project at hand.  For instance, if you’re hosting a blog and you want to monetize it with Ad sense, adding a thumbnail generator to the list of  what  you need to get started will be necessary. The purpose of the thumbnail generator when inserted in your blog is to create code and generate scraped-thumbnail pictures from related searches on Google images and this will place them next to your contextual ads, making it possible to  increase your click-thru rate.  Sometime along the line, you might want to sell your own products and you may want to add an autoresponder to your tools list.  An autoresponder will help you to greatly improve your conversion rate by allowing  you to put all follow-up emails on autopilot instead of doing it manually.

start blogging
start blogging

The question is do you really need anything to get started as a blogger or writing your blog? I don’t think so.  creating a profitable blog does not involve paying a scent but sometimes you might need to spend some extra cash to buy some valuable tools to increase your conversion rate and make more sales but if you want to take advantage of automating tools to further improve your profitability and efficiency, you will have to buy at least a few tools to help improve your blog.