Human nature is both flexible and rigid depending on how you want to apply it to change, it’s not always easy for someone to want to change from good to bad or from bad to good as the case may be ,but change to good and better life is a possibility, before we talk more lets ask ourselves what change really means, from my layman point of view change could be a situation where you are used to doing something which has become a habit or part of you and you are now planning on throwing that habit away because it affects you and you want the people arround you to see that you are a better person. It’s not always easy to bend a dry stick or else it will break but its easy to bend it a little. To make life different and to bring happiness upon yourself, you can bring change upon yourself.

wind of change

I have seen many cases of people with different habits, change to good, but initially they will say i cant change this is the way i am, some have been into drugs, womanizing, smoking and other habits but out of determination they finally change for the best, which tells me that we are really flexible or rigid which ever way we want to apply it. however if we want to improve ourselves we can,it only takes determination, resolve and some effort’s, but we can all change our lives for the better if we want to, it is not always easy, it has to come from our heart to want to change for the better and changing has to be something that matters to us deeply. when the pain of changing is more than the pain of wanting to stay the same! , we will change.

there are so  many measure that is taken for change to happen:

  • The zeal and will to change

  • Determination to change for the better

  • The thought of realising,  that what we are doing is not the best for us

  • religion as a motivation for change

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what it takes to stop smoking

smoking is a habit which most people cultivated, from their teenage years especially when you see your friends smoking , you will equally have the interest of joining them and with time it might be a habit depending on individual’s, some smoke for few years and stop, some make it a once in a while thing, while some take it as a one time thing , while some take it as a full-time chore(habit).
What does it really take to stop smoking,it takes a lot of hard work and dedication because it is never  easy to stop smoking.  I remember some time ago when i was a smoker, it was pretty difficult to stop because sometimes if i say i want to stop, i find it difficult because when i see anyone smoking by me, the craving will always come again and i will end up holding a stick of cigarette, but i later realised that whatever you want to do , it is decision of mind that really make it happen, but determination of mind really has a lot of influence on decision to stop smoking.
I want you to look at your smoking habit and find what triggers you, especially those things that make you want to smoke and from there you will learn how you can handle them without cigarettes.
these are the things i would like for you to put into consideration, especially when considering quitting smoking:
  1. Make an honest determination about quitting smoking.
  2. Understand that quitting wont be easy.
  3. Set a quit date.
  4. As you are preparing to quit ,stop buying boxes of cigarettes.
  5. Check your cravings most of the time and check how bad it is.
  6. Get a list of things to do when cravings comes and try to decide not to go for the cigarette even if you have the cravings

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