Steps To Take When You Are Angry Or Frustrated

What To Do When Angry Or Frustrated



Anger could be called a process of natural irritation due to an event or circumstance which could lead to frustration if care is not taken.  No matter what the situation is, it is always good to convert your anger into a good and useful thing instead of letting it become destructive. There are so many things you can do when you are angry, such as you walking out of the house at that instance so that you can cool off, you can mow the lawn or do housework.  All this process makes you shed the anger and the good thing is that when you are angry, whatever you are doing gets done on time and this is because it gives you the opportunity to vent e.g. scrubbing a shower, mopping a floor – avoid any kind of dusting, because it doesn’t have the hard physical activity you need to throw out your anger. There are so many other recreation activities you can involve yourself in, when you are angry and this includes outdoor jogging and other types  of exercise. That way you can burn off your anger and your mood will definitely change and you will feel great because you mastered your anger and channeled it into something good.

You Don’t Have to Take it Anymore: Turn Your Resentful, Angry, or Emotionally Abusive Relationship into a Compassionate, Loving One



Humour can also be a tool for defusing your anger. You can watch one of your favorite silly humour movies, take a few deep breaths and prepare for a mental “movie screening”… and slowly recall that favorite funny scene. It will help you cut your anger.  Try to take things easy and don’t be too hard on yourself, and it is a very good idea not to expect too much from other people either.  When you start boiling up in anger. try the best you can to control your anger by taking some of the actions mentioned above.  Say it out loud and clear, “The trash spilled on the floor again?, and so what? Oh well, that’s life.” Most importantly is you taking a pick at what got you angry in th e first place.  Why were you angry in the first place, the goal is to divide the problem into one of 2 classes.



How to Take the Grrrr Out of Anger (Laugh & Learn)

1. If your anger is about a specific issue that could lead to change whether it’s your behavior or someone else’s, then decide what to do about it non-violently. For example, if you are angry at yourself for leaving shoes where you will trip over them, then move the shoes and make a rule to keep them in the new spot. Or if a neighbor has borrowed something of yours awhile ago and hasn’t given it back, then tell the neighbor that you’d like the item back please as you need to use it again soon. Remember to keep things in perspective and don’t expect perfection.



You Can’t Make Me Angry


2. Lets look at it critically, If your anger is absolutely beyond your control or out of proportion, then there is really nothing you can do, But to mentally visualize yourself wrapping your anger in a box and giving it away to the person or situation that brought about it in the first place. When you find it difficult controlling your anger or  unable to channel your anger into anything useful with the above tips, then there surely will be a problem and could be destructive – not only to you,  most importantly to those around you. Never put your loved ones through anything bad because of your anger. If you feel your anger is getting out of control sometimes, seek help. It takes a  lot of determination to do that.  Some people find that anger management classes give them a lot of help and i will suggest you try this avenue too to see if you can get help through it.  Remember, you owe it not just to yourself but to your loved ones to seek help if you need it.