what is your opinion about someone you met for the first time

We all individually have different opinion about what we think of someone we meet for the first time. some people are always suspicious of their first acquaintances, but from my  point of
view i would rather say, out look and appearance is what people look at for the first time. Some people try as much as possible to read the kind of person the new man is by checking his or her
outfit and appearance.  Mode of dressing and appearance really counts. In many cases, you look at people’s eyes and you will be  able to judge the kind of person they are and their mode of response and reaction  to conversation is something else, especially if he or she associates and smiles.

Talking about relationship and first impression, this is all determined by who you meet and  what for. In the business circle you look for  weakness and character for social interactions.   when you meet somebody for the first time you always look at his appearance and personality. Mostly the eye is a means of communication and you can read a lot in the eyes. First impression  for others is the eye and smile. the eyes can tell you a lot from them  because  they are considered “the window to the soul”.

It was said, that “if one has learned not to judge another, then one can selectively hear and feel another’s heartbeat”, besides their own.”  Another form of expression about  meeting someone for the first time is the facial expression, it makes you see your inner  feeling’s and emotions. some people look at the way the other person communicate’s  and look out for the way they engage in conversation.

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