Can A Person Make Too Much Money? How Much Is” Too Much”?

 What Do We Understand As too Much Money? And how Much Is “Too Much”

Everybody have different desires, as we all know human wants are insatiable, but the wish for money is what we all have. The wish for little money can still lead to wish for more and sometimes some people are always satisfied with what they got and some are not.  Too much money can have different meaning to different people, depending on our opinion about what too much money could mean. Everybody wants a good thing and money is one of them and I don’t contemplate there is anything like too much for anything good. Any money put into good use for the benefit of others and you, are never too much.  The good thing about money is that it helps in taking care of yourself and others; it is very useful for charity when you have excess of it and you can never be satisfied with what you have because our wants and needs are not stable so we will always have the wish to have more money.  When we have a lot of money we want to give to charity, want to buy assets and want to enjoy ourselves and due to this, our want in lieu of money cannot stop


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I don’t know what your opinion is or what you think about having money or more money but for me I cannot stop having the wish for more money because of my needs at all time and I also have the wish to help others and I believe we can never stop wanting or looking for more like Oliver twist who is always looking for more. From my opinion and believe to have excess is better than struggling for money.  So I will rather say there is nothing like “too much money”.  It is difficult deciding exactly what “too much money” really is. Money is a gift to all and it visits whomever it wishes to bless in abundance, but whatever money you have you have to learn to use it well for your own benefit and to the benefit of all. The greatest and most important way of spending money is to use it to bless others who are lacking and in need.

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I don’t think anybody can make too much money for the money is not enough no matter how much you have made, for all the days of our lives we will keep having the wish for more money and we cannot really decide what too much money is because our opinion of what “Too Much money” is different from each other  and what could be enough depends on different people. The thing is if you think you have a lot of money, you will be craving to have more because you are not satisfied with what you have and feel you should work hard for more because of  our human nature and the feeling that money will solve our entire problem. What goes around comes around comes around. Sometimes I want to compare money to the food we eat because no matter how much food we have eaten, when we are hungry, we always want more.  Looking at it critically can money be too much or enough for those that do not have food to eat or shelter over there head?  When we have a lot of money, it is better to think of what we will do with it to the advantage of everybody including ourselves. There are people who have money and still make a lot of donation to charity and there are others who have money, but have given nothing in return. From my opinion when you have excess money, you need to give to the lives of others who are in need, and then all your effort would be highly appreciated.

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what it takes to stop smoking

smoking is a habit which most people cultivated, from their teenage years especially when you see your friends smoking , you will equally have the interest of joining them and with time it might be a habit depending on individual’s, some smoke for few years and stop, some make it a once in a while thing, while some take it as a one time thing , while some take it as a full-time chore(habit).
What does it really take to stop smoking,it takes a lot of hard work and dedication because it is never  easy to stop smoking.  I remember some time ago when i was a smoker, it was pretty difficult to stop because sometimes if i say i want to stop, i find it difficult because when i see anyone smoking by me, the craving will always come again and i will end up holding a stick of cigarette, but i later realised that whatever you want to do , it is decision of mind that really make it happen, but determination of mind really has a lot of influence on decision to stop smoking.
I want you to look at your smoking habit and find what triggers you, especially those things that make you want to smoke and from there you will learn how you can handle them without cigarettes.
these are the things i would like for you to put into consideration, especially when considering quitting smoking:
  1. Make an honest determination about quitting smoking.
  2. Understand that quitting wont be easy.
  3. Set a quit date.
  4. As you are preparing to quit ,stop buying boxes of cigarettes.
  5. Check your cravings most of the time and check how bad it is.
  6. Get a list of things to do when cravings comes and try to decide not to go for the cigarette even if you have the cravings

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