How To Achieve Our Goals

What Considerations Do We Need For Progress And Improvements

the wheel of life

what am i talking about?, I am talking about our life style or cycle from when we were toddlers, teenagers, adults, married with family, and when we are old and from my point of view this also includes all the challenges of our lives, what we have faced in our relationship, love life, other aspect of our lives and what our achievement and loses are and what we stand to gain at the end of the day. 

This also involves our goals, ambitions, prospects, our plans for tomorrow and the future. What do we really want for ourselves and our family and how do we make them and our selves happy through our goals plans and achievements.


This really is a life cycle and talking about our goals, where do we really stand as per achieving them, we want the best in what we do as accountants, bloggers, creators, doctors , best fathers and mothers, best husband’s, lovers and so on, but do we go through this process of being the best by being lazy or procrastinating all the time or by  working hard and dedicated at what we do or by living a life that is of no value to us?. 

I believe being focused and doing better things that will project us as good and better role models for ourselves, our families, children and neighbors alike would be the best way to go, thereby making us the best in our different fields of interest as bloggers, writers, engineers and whatever profession we are in  and this all circulates or revolves round our careers, family, friends, romance, fun , recreation, health, money, personal growth and our environment.


There are a lot that needs consideration when it comes to improvement and progress in our lives:

1. We need focus and dedication in whatever we do to get to our life goal
Sometimes we are stock when we are really trying to move forward and what can we do in situations like this?, So being focused would be the way to go.

2. There is nothing as good as committing ourselves to taking action and what steps do we need to take and be satisfied in our different areas of life especially in our Business, Career, Studies, Health and fitness, finance, social life and friends, with our family, in our love life, recreation and fun, contribution to society and personal growth, so we need fulfillment in various aspect of our lives and this all comes to hard work, dedication, focus and taking action and doing the best we can to get to where we want.

How To Boost Self Esteem At Workplace

How To Improve Confidence At The Workplace

Self esteem is a process of building confidence in whatever you are doing and there are many people in the world of today who really feel very confident in their regular life, but for some unknown reason they find it difficult applying the same self-confidence at their place of work or any other important place.  If you are in the class of people without self-confidence at work then you have to learn how to improve confidence at your workplace or any other place of importance.  I believe I have some good suggestions that might be of great value to you and will help you improve if you decide to put it into practice and make them a routine on daily basis.

low self esteem

Tips for enhancing your self-esteem at work are:

  • Start taking tasks that you will normally turn down because of fear: The primary way that you can improve your self-confidence at work is by tackling your fears by assuming jobs that you wouldn’t want to do on normal bases due to fear and lack of confidence in yourself and another way of overcoming lack of confidence is by working on things that keep you scared.
  • Try the best you can to improve on your job skill and be of great value to your company or business.  Every company want good and reliable workers especially the ones that are true and honest to their job and go extra mile to enhance their place which is always the best for the company or business. This kind of situation normally boosts your confidence automatically and it will help you in making a lot of money eventually.
  • There are always conflict at work one way or the other and if you make  it a point of duty to help in solving conflict at work and this way your self-esteem will improve and your confidence in yourself  will increase your value by others and this will boost your self-esteem.  If you have this logo at workplace then you will end up being the man in your workplace and this is very good for any business or work environment.

self esteem

  • Contributing to general office discussions will help in many ways to boost your self-confidence and holding back on general conversation because of lack of confidence  will hinder you in many ways.  If you think that discussions made by others has more value than yours then you have to think again.
  • Another way to improve is to stop comparing yourself with others because everybody has a unique offer to give no matter what, because our ideas and thought level are not the same and our ideas coupled with life experience  are of great value to all one way or the other.
self confidence


Low self-esteem can affect every aspect of your life negatively including your relationships, your job and your health, so boosting your self-esteem will be of great value, so try the best you can to follow these tips and  you’ll have no choice but to boost your confidence  at work no matter what!

how to make passive income blogging

Ways Of Making Money Online With Your Blog

passive income

passive income

Generally blogging is all about entertaining our readers and making income at the same time, especially for the fact that we want them clicking on our links and buying what we have to offer and in reality blogging is about creating a business, make your readers happy and generating income.  With any kind of business you need to meet the demand of your clients by finding what their problem is and meeting up their demand. If you discover what will be of great benefit to the people and what they will be willing to buy , then it will be easy to start a business.  The question is how do you decide what blog will benefit you the most? There are many ways of defining a business that suites your lifestyle and this Includes making a list of the things that is of interest to you everyday at your daily job including your hobbies.  There are some questions that needs answer when it comes to the kind of business that fits your lifestyle or niche:how To Make money Blogging

  •  What are your thoughts always?
  • What is it that you always wanted to learn more about and never did?
  • What are your skills?
  • What is your blog about?
  • What is it that you do, that someone else cannot do or does not know how to?
  • What are your hobbies, sports, activities that is of interest to you?
  • What business have you always wanted to have?
  • What kind of business ‘fits’ you?

These seven questions can really help build a better understanding of what kind of business you would like to do.

passive income

Just make sure you do your best and try to make more research to learn more. My suggestion would be to try something that is not in great demand and you have to make sure its unique and different from what others do. For example, create a blog about whatever picks your interest, pet food, dog treats, the different types of yarn or whatever you choose to do.  There are so many niches that needs consideration when it comes to what fits the needs of your business. We might need to ask ourselves some questions such as :

  1. Can I write about these topics for 3 or more years?
  2. What other products can I sell related to my niche?
  3. Does this niche interest me?

passive income

There will definitely be some challenges and competition when starting out based on the fact that you do not have experience and this will lead to learning with a lot of patience and developing skills, although it will be the best you can do when it comes to creating or writing a blog post.