We Have A Dream

The Dream And Aspiration Of Life



Dreams are a natural process which comes to us as a result of our imaginations, aspirations, desires of what we want to become now or in the future.  As a result of this desire for life achievement we work hard to get to our goals. From our childhood, some of us have the dream of being lawyers, doctors, engineers, pilots and whatever our hearts desires are. There are times that despite what our dreams were, some of us could not get to that goal and may decide to divert to something else, and thereby killing that childhood dream which if properly assessed would have been the best achievement of our lives.  The unfortunate thing is that some of us get to that goal with a lot of effort and struggle and sometimes we abandon that dream for something else due to life experiences, discouragement from those who should put us through and give us proper direction and encouragement.  Sometimes we abandon that dream due to circumstances beyond our control.


Talking about dreams there are two kinds, there is the one of sleep and there is this other dream which is our aspiration of what we want to become in life.  Naturally we all want to become something important in life, just like somebody having aspiration of being a movie star, musician, doctor, astronaut, engineer  or any other important profession.  The truth is that everybody has dreams and aspirations for good and better days to come but sometimes due to lack of focus, determination and consistency for whatever our dreams are, we end up killing the dream.  Lack of endurance, determination and perseverance makes us drop that goal of what we want to become, but little do we know that life is not a bed of roses and nothing good comes easy, but it takes little effort, determination and focus is the best route to progress and achievement.

talk out of dream


The question is how do we fulfill this dream and get that Golden Fleece that we want for ourselves.  Getting discouraged is never a good option, because when you are about to give up could be the target point  and turn around for better life and better things to come, that is why giving up is never an option. Life is all about good and bad, bitterness and joy but our projection is towards joy. Honey is there for all, but being able to pass through the bees to that honey is our dream. Focus, determination, endurance and perseverance are the key to that goal and want and not giving up is the best option for result.  Despite our goals it is always a good thing for parents to encourage and support their kids to do their hearts desires or their childhood aspirations no matter what the situation or circumstances and not discourage them for their own selfish interest.

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