Trust and Distrust In Marriage And Any Other Relationship

Trust and Distrust

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Trust is the beginning of every good marriage, but when trust is not there anymore, it takes the grace of God for trust to exist again in that relationship. A spouse can forgive, but that painful experience will make it difficult for the offended spouse to let go for fear that it could happen again. For some, it is easier to forgive than to forget. Trusting and getting hurt is bad enough, so, taking chances for the occurrence is not an option? Putting up barriers of protection is not uncommon for a wounded spouse.



Distrust is very common between spouses especially when one has cheated and this situation might weaken a marriage that needs trust to grow. Distrust is like putting on a guard if in any way there is cheating or occurrence of it again. It is a means of protection. On the other hand, it is certainly not impossible to trust again, but it takes some effort and determination for it usually does not happen easily or quickly in any way.

Healing Your Marriage When Trust Is Broken: Finding Forgiveness and Restoration

trusted relationship

relationship of trust

A victim once said after reconciliation with her husband, that she realized what infidelity can cause to a family life and she compared it to a starving dog snatching a beautiful wedding cake. Getting the trust back was like looking for a piece of needle in a haystack but the truth is that the remaining cake was still beautiful, but the unforgettable part is that anytime you look at the remaining cake you kind of miss the complete cake before the dog got into it and that makes you bitter, sad and angry.  the question is, how could a loving spouse take such beauty away from a loved one he promised to cherish? that kind of pain is often indescribable and a lot will surely be affected including Life itself.

trusting your couple


Marriage is not the only institution that has cheating issues . Many  Cheaters victimize their relationships with children, loving friends, other close family members, and even themselves. The bad part about this is that it may affect cheaters’ families because of the pain, embarrassment, and awareness of community gossip it will cause. most times such scandal can lower the value or importance of a family within a community. The whole families may suffer because of it.  A good friend does not want to witness her best friend’s husband in a compromising situation with another women. A member of the family  does not want to hear gossip about their loved one from other people in the community.  the Young people contemplating marriage one day might lose faith and respect in the marriage institution due to this infidelity crisis in the society, and celebrity gossip on the media is not helping either. All of these life experiences are painful for many family members and others to bear when it comes to issues of cheating and infidelity.

relationship built on trust

built on trust

The unfortunate thing is that cheating and crisis at home always have very bad or negative effects on the children because it gets them confused and they end up being the most wounded victims. A lot of children suffer silently and some could blame themselves and the bad part is that this parent problem could spill over into the rest of their lives thereby causing various dysfunctions in their own personal families. The best thing to do if situations like this arise is to go for counseling but many families do not look at it that way because many families do not see the need to get it.
Beyond Boundaries: Learning to Trust Again in Relationships

distrust couples

distrust couples

Cheating is never a good thing both in a marriage or any relationship, and making irrelevant and unnecessary excuses are not acceptable either and as we all know the consequences are always devastating for all parties involved, especially the children and the offended spouse.“Sometime the effects of cheating on the victims involved could be devastating especially, if they end up living that relationship for another and it could be a problem if the parties involved are not fully healed, so the best we can do to avoid any kind of trauma in our lives is being sincere and honest with our friends, spouse and acquaintances.




Starting A Blog

How Do I Start A Blog

There are questions asked by a lot of people about what you need to get started  making a profitable blog. The answer is nothing,  Now if you want higher returns and if you have the money to spend, the answer to “what you need to get started as a blogger” might be several hundred dollars to invest in tools that could take you to the top in no time.

how to start a blog
Start A blog

Starting a blog takes some process and there are important tools needed to make your blog outstanding and One of the most important things you will need to get started is keyword research tool or a form of database. Currently, there are dozens of these tools on the market, which are of different prices and it ranges from free to around $500. One of the most important tool on the market is Google keyword planner, Word Tracker, which offers a limited trial version for free? or a fully functional version per day or per month  and it will allow you to find out the most profitable keyword and will make search supply and rating demand possible.

starting a blog
how to blog

When it comes to starting a blog, there are always answers to what you need to get started apart from a keyword phrase tool, but every question will always depend on the project at hand.  For instance, if you’re hosting a blog and you want to monetize it with Ad sense, adding a thumbnail generator to the list of  what  you need to get started will be necessary. The purpose of the thumbnail generator when inserted in your blog is to create code and generate scraped-thumbnail pictures from related searches on Google images and this will place them next to your contextual ads, making it possible to  increase your click-thru rate.  Sometime along the line, you might want to sell your own products and you may want to add an autoresponder to your tools list.  An autoresponder will help you to greatly improve your conversion rate by allowing  you to put all follow-up emails on autopilot instead of doing it manually.

start blogging
start blogging

The question is do you really need anything to get started as a blogger or writing your blog? I don’t think so.  creating a profitable blog does not involve paying a scent but sometimes you might need to spend some extra cash to buy some valuable tools to increase your conversion rate and make more sales but if you want to take advantage of automating tools to further improve your profitability and efficiency, you will have to buy at least a few tools to help improve your blog.

How Do I Find Blogging Ideas?

How To Write A Blog



Blogging is an important part of content management and it is the instrument or tool that you use in promoting your business and most importantly  your ideas for blogging always comes as a source of inspiration on generating your blogs. Sometimes you might be out of ideas or topics for your blog but if you set your mind to write, nice loving ideas will come your way due to inspiration.  The best way as far as i know to get ideas is by having your pen and paper handy wherever you go because ideas come from discussions, events and other activities of the day which could be at work , restaurant and any other places of interest and the only way you can put those ideas into action is writing them down when it comes in a flash and then create a nice topic out of those ideas.  If you have it in mind about starting a blog or you are a seasoned blogger, one of the best ways of getting ideas to promote your business or profession is to have your pen and paper handy for writing down information and ideas that come through your head so you don’t forget.  Normally we always want to share ideas on what we do and love for others to gain and learn from it.  Blogging is a very free and inexpensive platform and the best way we can make our readers happy is by creating good and interesting contents.



There are so many strategies to blog writing depending on the kind of inspiration you have and the technique you apply to writing for the benefit of your audience, before you go into blogging you need to ask yourself what your passion is, what do you really care about and what are you willing to share with your readers. If you have a particular niche or topic that you really love and have passion about, then creativity with your writing will be a good thing which eventually will be a source of happiness and inspiration for others. You should realize that you must have fresh content and new information all the time about your blogs. There are so many topics that one can write about depending on your passion and interest such as Food, Movies, Politics, Music, Cars, Relationship, Blogging, Health, fitness, finance  and a lot of other topics and you can also write mostly about your business.  Blogging Ideas is all about inspiration, passion and love for what you like doing and sharing for the benefit of your readers, so boosting your creative juices is very necessary


blog ideas

Brainstorming is a very great way of getting ideas for your blog by writing down what comes to your mind and you can also talk to friends and relations to see if you can get ideas but you must always remember that the purpose of your writing is to help others gain one or two things from what you are writing about. You need to do some research about your idea in other to generate a keyword which will make it easy for your audience to find you.  while narrowing down your blog, you need to realize that you are trying to enlighten your readers about what you know which they may not have much idea about and you want to give them the latest information or event about your topic and your idea if properly written is a source of inspiration to others because it will make some readers happy and give them peace of mind depending on your mode of writing and it could be a source of humor to make your readers laugh.

ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income

Dog aggression

Dog Behavior Problems



Dog aggression has its foundation and there are different reasons that could lead to a dogs aggression.  Aggression is a normal or abnormal threat or challenge that happens as a result of combat or submission by our dog and it is a very common behavioral problems with dogs especially in companion dogs.  There are different types of aggression which includes fear, domination, inter-dog, territorial/protection, food-related e.t.c.  Aggression can occur to any dog irrespective of age or gender  and most times it happens due to fear,food,domination and other known reasons. As we all know aggression is destructive and dangerous.  There are different forms to aggression and there are different reasons for its occurrence.  There are common signs that you see with an aggressive dog and these include:

1. biting

2. Growling

3. Snarling

4. Curling lips

5. Barking

6. Snapping

7. Head and Tail up with A stare

8. head and Tail down with a withdrawn body

9. Tail Waving Frantically

10. Posturing And Lunging

on leash and aggressive

on leash and aggressive

Sometimes we might wonder at the causes of dog aggression, Some dogs are naturally aggressive but some dogs are aggressively trained way by the owners , normally dog aggression is part of the normal range of canine behavior, but in many cases it is generally influenced by the breed of the dog, sex, personal behavior,genetics and other reasons.  there are other factors for aggression which is not very common which is medical related and this could be due to pain. many a time most dogs do not become aggressive on their own but due to training or upbringing. The better way of curbing aggression is by getting a good and skilled trainer that will stop the aggression through some better techniques.  Head halter and harnesses is very useful in controlling dominant dogs. Consistency, kindness and predictability in managing aggression is critical. No matter what you do, harsh punishment or any form of punishment will not help in any way, so  try to avoid it because if you don’t it can lead to the dog being more aggressive.

Calm Dog

Calm Dog

There are ways to stop aggression in dogs:

  • Take your dog on a walk: Keep your dog on-leash and keep the leash short, so that you have total control over the dog.

  • If you see people with or without a dog approaching: Move your dog to one side of the sidewalk, keeping him as far away from the other dog as possible

  • As the dogs and people approach, watch your dog very closely for signs of aggression: If your dog looks at the person or dog coming with a death stare, give a quick tug at the leash.

  • If your dog tries to attack, give the dog a quick snap back with the leash Tell him to sit down and this is tells your dog that being calm is good and that attacking others is bad.

  • Repeat:  Repeat the same process every time a person and dog walks by your dog.

  • Reward your dog!: When your dog is able to calm down and resist the urge to attack other dogs, you can reward him with a treat, or by petting your dog by saying “Good girl or good boy”, etc. This passes a message to your dog that being calm is a good thing

  • Whenever you think that your dog is able to calm down, make a meeting between your dog and another dog.

  • Introduce your dog to adults, teenagers, or a child so that they get used to people, they need to sociable

  • Have a role model for your dog!: If your dog doesn’t know how to calm, create a scenario for your dog. Have two calm dogs meet each other and make your dog watch how they greet each other calmly by sniffing each other instead of attacking. Do the same with a calm dog and a person. This is a good way to show your dog what  is a good attitude.

Blogging and its values

Starting A Useful And Beneficial Blog

blogging and its value

blogging and its value

In this generation,Blogging has become the order of the day,extremely popular, mainly because of it’s good values and benefits.  with research you will discover that successful Web Marketers who are into e-mail marketing or advertising, do have a blog as a result of wanting to make more income. You need to realize that many new internet marketers starting off, do not have a good enough idea of  how to start-up a productive blog, but it takes some effort, determination and inspiration to generate anything good including blogging. I am going to brief us about the potentials and values of blogging and how we can set up a productive blog  and at the same time checking out the potentials or values of blogging and how we can set up a rewarding blog both for our-self and for others to appreciate.

Blog values

Blog values

What we need to realize as a blogger and internet marketer!, your specialization will make it easier for you to display or let others know what it takes to get to the top as a blogger depending on your commitment and dedication. This been said, will lead to professionalism and will make you become a traffic expert which automatically makes you a professional as a blogger.  A professional blogger will be able to know how to set up a blog correctly, and eventually be a traffic expert with marketing tools and search engine optimization which will make you drive traffic to your blog to make money which automatically would be the result which is what really matters. There are so many things that needs consideration when it comes to Blogging:

values of a blog

values of a blog

1. Discovering how you can set up a blog easily and efficiently

2. Making research and figuring out how to create multiple streams of income from the one blog that you have.

3. Discovering that your blog is an efficient and  fantastic way of generating leads.

5.  Start by increasing the amount of op tin’s you receive to your list.

6. Try avoiding common mistakes as a blogger especially when it comes to placing images and writing captions for your images

7.There is a lot of bad information floating around on the net at this time about blogging  and you need be watchful of what information you use and the kind of advice and values you get from those information.

8 Try avoiding regular mistakes that many folks end up making, that way you will be able to build a profitable blog quicker than other  people who don’t have good information in no time.

9. you need to look for a reliable and profitable information that will give you an edge over your competition by giving you room for creativity


My day job and my passion

What is my day job and What is my passion

My day job is what I take interest in doing and want to do my best at, but my passion is what I love with my whole heart and want to do all that i can to develop and grow it, there are times we have a job we don’t like but we still do it out of necessity to live and sustain ourselves and our family and on the other hand we always have the zeal and passion for one thing or the other, but it is always a good thing to do that which we have passion for at all times, take for instance I love blogging which is my passion and being a full-time blogger is what i am targeting  and i am trying my best to meet up with  that goal, but my passion supersedes every other thing, which is why I keep blogging still hoping for the best. I am still looking for that freedom of doing what I love full-time without any stress.


There are so many things we can do for our dreams to come true, even if we don’t like what we do , we can use what we don’t like which is our work as  an avenue for funding that which we want and love which is our passion, which with hard work and a lot of effort will generate good result if properly harnessed. We all have passion for all kinds of things and different purposes, but many of us do not like our day job as much as what we have passion for.


I love expressing myself  by blogging to the benefit of all and to make others learn from my little experience and shearing my ideas with like-minded people and everybody interested in reading my blog, now let talk about you, what are your passions and does it in any way stand in the way of your passion?, no matter what your passion is try your best to make yourself happy by doing what you love and not what you have to do because you have to do it.


It’s very unfortunate if you dislike the job you do and feel uncomfortable doing  it, which is very understandable, even though its a job you have no passion about, especially working with some people whom you don’t ever wish to work with, but the truth is you have to keep appreciating what you do now and can be used as an instrument for getting you to where your passion is.

Explain Your Biggest Regrets

What Is Your Biggest Regret



We all have regrets one way or the other during the cause of our lives, there are different kinds of regrets such as regret about loosing loved ones who were so  dear to us, regret about loosing contacts with important friends and school mates, regret about not doing the right thing at the right time, regret about doing the right thing at the wrong time, regret about not fulfilling our life goals and aspirations, regret about our achievements so far, regret about not going after what we want especially when we had it at our finger tips, regrets about our marriage, regret about associating with the wrong friends and acquaintances, regret about not being able to differentiate between a good friend and a bad one,regret about not setting our goals as we should and so on, there are so many things that can bring about regrets but the good thing is that, once we realize where we defaulted we can always correct our selves, This makes us strong and moving on would not be a problem and it also gives room to caution from unnecessary regrets in the future.

my regrets

A friend of mine was telling me of how much regret he had about not being able to show appreciation to his parents for how they raised him, because they are no more, one way or the other we do have people that we love and we hope and assume that they will always be in our lives, but due to unforeseen circumstances beyond us they are there no more or we lose contact with them because we do not realize how valuable they are to us then. many a time we do not know the value of what we have and how precious it is until we lose it, especially if we were in a sweet and loving relationship such as marriage and other kinds of relationship,  Due to our unconsciousness at the time of our relationship, we refuse to recognize its value until after it sleeps out of our hands. some time we regret not paying attention to what our parents thought us as kids and teenagers, but latter realized its value as adults. somebody was talking about going to a place where he would have achieved a lot and fulfill his dreams, but did not go after it when it was necessary to do so.


Errors and mistakes always gives room for corrections and is always a motivator for better life which simple means what ever mistake we did in the past after realization can bring about our success and achievements by learning from the past. because of our regrets from the past we can  always learn from it by:

1. Identifying and checking our weaknesses

2. Using our mistakes as a yardstick for teaching ourselves and for correction

3. Using the privilege as a way of adaptation

4. Trying to focus and improve on whatever we are doing

5. Trying to figure out what we need to appreciate even in times of crisis

6. Trying to improve and check our relationships

7. Accepting blames and moving on